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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NEW DELHI - Some quotable quotes of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Wednesday:

I have never felt like quitting, I will stay the course. I never felt like resigning because I had a job to do.

We have a functioning government and whatever some people may say, (that) we are a lame duck government and I am a lame duck prime minister, we take our job very seriously.

In a coalition government, there is a coalition dharma.

I have always said my conduct should be, like Caesar’s wife, above suspicion.

I do not say that I have never made a mistake. But the kind of propaganda being done and shown, I am not a culprit to that extent.

I hope that in the current budget you will see the reform agenda that our government has.

I am not an astrologer but I hope that the present coalition will win (in Tamil Nadu).

Though there are some concerns regarding internal security, we are better prepared to tackle and to prevent terror attempts. The government deserves some credit for this.

India should win the World Cup.

We will cross the bridge when it comes (on consensus on Telengana issue).

We owe it to our country that when it comes to reporting our country’s affairs, at least dealing with the facts, they should be as objective as possible.

If people want to move towards the process of democratisation, they have our good wishes (on developments in Egypt and Arab countries).

These irregularities have happened and should not have happened and I am not happy with these developments (on biggest regret).

Despite unfavourable economic environment we managed to ensure that our economic growth rhythm has not been affected (on biggest achievement).

You have my assurance that the wrongdoers will not escape (on CWG scam).

We will take all possible measures to control this menace of black money and bring back to our country the money that is legally ours.

I wish to assure the country as a whole that our government is dead serious to bring to book all wrongdoers regardless of their position in 2G spectrum, CWG, ISRO and other scams.

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