Your vote would soon get printed as proof: Poll panel chief

Friday, February 4, 2011

NEW DELHI - Cast your vote by pressing a button on the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) but eager to see proof on paper that your candidate has indeed got the vote? The Election Commission is working on a special printing process of ballots.

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), S.Y. Quraishi said Friday the poll panel is working on a method that will ensure voters get to see a printed proof of the vote cast.

“We are working on a printing process by which when you cast your vote through an EVM, a printer in front of you will print your choice and it will be dropped in a box,” he said.

“The printer will be behind a glass wall so that you can only see it and be satisfied that your vote has indeed gone to your preferred candidate. However, receipts of ballots cast is not considered, because it may pose a threat to the voter’s security once he or she goes out of the booth,” he added.

Speaking in favour of EVMs, he said: “Personally I feel that the chances of mechanical failure is more than electronic failure. Our EVMs are very good, they are not networked, so they don’t receive any signal. And they can’t be worked upon an operating systems, so there is no question of tinkering,” he said.

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