Cherie Blair wore pendant to ‘ward off evil spirits, cope with life at No 10′

Sunday, January 16, 2011

LONDON - Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife Cherie wore a pendant to ‘ward off evil spirits’ because she needed to be ’slightly mad’ to deal with life at No 10.

In the latest installment of diaries by Blair’s former spin chief Alastair Campbell, the first two years of Blair’s premiership have been covered, reports the Daily Mail.

In the volume, Campbell reveals how he warned the ex-prime minister about his wife’s ‘madder stuff’, such as her support for alternative therapies.

In a section on Cherie, Campbell discussed a report in a newspaper about a “bioelectric shield” pendant “that was supposed to ward off evil spirits and harmful rays” she had been pictured wearing.

He wrote, “I said to Fiona (Millar, Campbell’s partner and an adviser to Cherie), she had to get a hold of all this madder stuff but she said Cherie never raised it with her because she knew she would disapprove.”

Campbell also discussed Cherie’s interest in alternative therapies with her husband.

“TB said they had to be slightly mad to cope. He was very sympathetic to Cherie doing this alternative b******s because of he thought it was her way of coping,” he wrote.

The book has also revealed that Blair consulted the Bible before making key decisions. He read a passage about John the Baptist for hours before ordering a bombing raid on Iraq in 1998.

“TB was clearly having a bit of a wobble. He said he had been reading the Bible last night, as he often did when the really big decisions were on, and he had read something about John the Baptist and Herod which had caused him to rethink, albeit not change his mind,” wrote Campbell. (ANI)

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