Israeli security asks woman reporter to take off bra to meet Prime Minister

Friday, January 14, 2011

LONDON - A pregnant producer has revealed that she was asked by Israeli security personnel to take off her bra in order to meet Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Simri Diab, 31, an al-Jazeera producer, revealed that Israeli security had demanded she remove her bra if she wished to meet the Prime Minister at the annual foreign correspondents event in Jerusalem.

Diab said she was given a thorough search and made to strip to her underwear, but refused to comply with their demand to take off her bra.

According to, after she refused she was not permitted to enter the hall where the Prime Minister was due to speak.

“They asked me to take off my coat and then my vest. I did. Then they asked me to take off my shirt. I took a deep breath and did it,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

“I was left with just my undershirt and trousers, without my shoes and the rest of my equipment. The female officer felt me with her hands for 15 minutes in any place possible.

“I told her I was pregnant and asked her not to use the manual device, but compromised on that later too,” she revealed.

Diab later lodged a complaint with Oren Helman, director of Israel’s Government Press Office who organized the event.

Helman said while he regretted the incident, it was the responsibility of Israel’s Security Agency, Shin Bet. (ANI)

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