UP Police baton charge Bahujan Samaj Party activists in Mathura

Sunday, December 12, 2010

MATHURA - Uttar Pradesh Police baton charged Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) activists when they tried to enter the venue where polling for Panchayat was taking place in Mathura District on Sunday.

As per a High Court’s directive, the venues of the polling booths were restricted to party supporters and other leaders.

BSP party activists alleged that the administration was partial and allowed the Rashtriya Lok Dal party leader Jayant Chaudhary to make his presence felt in the restricted zone.

One of the activists alleged that a BSP Member of Parliament (MP) was also stopped and roughed up.

“Jayant Chaudhary (of Rashtriya Lok Dal) was entering inside and many more ministers were allowed inside the venue. So, when they were allowed inside than when our leader Member of Legislative Council (MLC) tried to go in, at that point of time the administration gave a green signal for the police to baton charge,” said a BSP activist.

Additional District Magistrate of Mathura Gyanesh Kumar said that no such event has been brought to his notice.

“We do not have any information, but right now everything is silent and people are just raising slogans,” said Kumar. (ANI)

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