BJP must initiate UPA-like measures to tackle corruption: Sonia

Thursday, November 25, 2010

ALLAHABAD - Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Thursday said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) should initiate UPA-like measures to tackle issues like corruption.

Criticising the opposition for stalling proceedings in Parliament for the past two weeks, Gandhi said: “The UPA Government has taken enough measures to ensure a corruption-free system and initiated strict action whenever needed. The opposition should also initiate such measures.”

“Prime Minister Manmohan is serious on issue of corruption and personally striving to make the system corruption-free. Stern action has been taken on complaints of corruption whenever needed,” Gandhi told a Congress rally here.

She further said that despite the unbiased attitude of the Centre towards all States, people in UP were facing problems relating to power, water, roads, employment, law and order.

Rubbishing Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati’s allegation that the Centre is biased against non-Congress states, she said: The Centre understands its responsibilities and is always there for the common man. UP has been sanctioned rupees 12,000 crores under central schemes for the welfare of people in an unbiased manner.”

The UPA has launched schemes and enacted laws for the development and the welfare of the common man, she said, adding that these steps would bear fruit only if implemented in right earnest.

The Congress President asked youths in the party to promote the central schemes among commoners.

“The Centre has enacted a number of laws and started many welfare schemes. But mere doing this will not suffice, their implementation should be ensured,” she said.

She said it is the duty of all partymen to ensure that Acts and schemes for strengthening basic infrastructure like education, housing and employment reach the real beneficiaries.

“It’s your duty to ensure that schemes reach real beneficiaries.

You all should be vigilant and ensure that there is no corruption in implementation of these schemes. It’s a challenge for you,” said Gandhi. (ANI)

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