My love for women, work and play won’t change: Berlusconi

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brussels, Oct 30 (IANS/AKI) Italy’s billionaire Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has said his love for work, women and play will never change, as he dismissed fresh allegations of sexual misconduct with a Moroccan minor who he says escaped from a “tragic life” thanks to his help.

Some Italian newspapers over the last few days have printed stories based on claims by a Moroccan illegal immigrant who goes by the first name “Ruby”, that recounted stories of her supposed three visits to 74-year-old Berlusconis villa in Arcore near Milan when she was 17-years old.

The teenager was picked up several times by police, suspected of theft and burglary. But each time, she was allegedly released after police received a call from the Berlusconi’s office.

“She was sent to me so I could help out a person who could have been locked up, which isn’t very nice,” Berlusconi told reporters in Brussels Friday.

According to the Italian media reports, Ruby said she joined escorts, government cabinet ministers and the news anchor for one of Berlusconi’s television stations to play “Bunga Bunga”, a sex game. Berlusconi allegedly said Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi had taught him the rules.

Ruby, who aspires to be a showgirl, said the prime minister showered her with valuable gifts, as well as 150,000 euros in cash, according to the reports.

Berlusconi has referred to the accusations as “trash” and Friday said it was part of a left-wing plot to ruin his reputation.

“It’s a leftist attack against me…With a smile on my face I read all the lies. I don’t have to clear up anything. In my house I allow only good people and above all, people who behave themselves,” he said.

But Berlusconi told reporters he likes a good time in female company to unwind from a busy schedule.

“I’m a playful person. I love life and I love women,” he said. “Nobody can make me change my lifestyle,” he said.

Over the past two years Berlusconi has been trailed by a string of accusations about his sex life.

Berlusconi’s estranged wife Veronica Lario in a biography about here suggested that the prime minister should seek counselling for sex addiction.

He had been linked to teenage Naples lingerie model Noemi Letizia, whose 18th birthday party he attended in 2008 and to whom he gave a 6,000 euro gold and pearl pendant.

She said she called him ‘Papi’, meaning ‘Daddy’ in English.

Escort Patrizia D’Addario alleges she had sex with Berlusconi at his residence in Rome in November 2009. She released tapes of their encounter to media. Berlusconi has said he is “no saint” but has never paid a woman for sex or had “improper” relations.


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