Sydney man waiting since 5yrs for Kevin Rudd to buy him a drink!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MELBOURNE - A Sydney man has revealed that Aussie Prime Minister Kevin Rudd owes him a beer, five years after they had a late-night drinking bout in the CBD.

Wine writer Nick Ryan said that the premier is five years late buying a round of drinks-a rather un-Australian behaviour after accepting drinks from others.

Speaking in the new issue of Men’s Style magazine, Ryan said that the incident occurred in 2005.

He had just had dinner with his brother-in-law, who then worked in the Canberra press gallery.

They and a few friends were walking down Goulburn St near the corner of Pitt when they bumped into Rudd, who was then the foreign affairs spokesman.

The group decided to pop over to the Civic Hotel for a nightcap.

Ryan stumped up for the first shout only to learn to his distress that Rudd wanted a Corona - a Mexican beer that had not been consumed by a real man since 1995.

The group was stunned to see Rudd accept an offer for a second beer despite having consumed only one-fifth of his first drink.

After drinking one-fifth of his second drink the future PM then called it a night without any further comment.

“It sent shockwaves through the group,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Ryan as saying.

“The man’s left without buying a round. There are few greater crimes you can commit in Australian public life,” he added. (ANI)

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