State Elections

CHICAGO - The most telling sign yet of how the wide-open race for Chicago mayor has overshadowed everything else this election season was that Rahm Emanuel was all but invisible when his former boss came home.

BOSTON - A hard-fought Massachusetts gubernatorial race has morphed into a courtroom thriller, complete with charges of espionage, conspiracy and subterfuge.

CHICAGO - With only weeks left in the campaign, some staggering Democrats have jumped back into contention in congressional and gubernatorial races around the country, giving the party glimmers of hope that Election Day won't also be doomsday.

ALBANY, N.Y. - Republican Carl Paladino bought three minutes of airtime on Buffalo TV stations to say he's being mistreated by the media and that Democrat Andrew Cuomo is afraid to debate him in the New York governor's race.

ST. PAUL, Minn. - The head of the Minnesota GOP on Thursday said he didn't intend a Nazi comparison when he used the word "quisling" to describe Republicans who are breaking with their party's gubernatorial candidate.
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