CAIRO/SIRTE - Heads of states from various Arab and African countries attended Saturday the opening of the second Arab-Afro summit, which will focus heavily on Mideast peace negotiations and the looming South Sudan referendum.

SIRTE, Libya - Arab ministers agreed Friday to give the United States another month to try to persuade Israel to renew curbs on West Bank settlement construction and keep Mideast peace talks from collapsing.

SIRTE, Libya - Arab ministers say they support the Palestinians' decision to stop direct talks with Israel unless the Israelis agree to halt all settlement construction in the West Bank.

SIRTE, Libya - Moderate Arab nations trying to prevent a breakdown of troubled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are proposing a return to indirect negotiations as a face-saving device, diplomats said Friday.

SIRTE, Libya - Arab leaders on Sunday renewed their support for Mideast peace efforts, rejecting pressure from Syria and Libya on the Palestinians to abandon talks with Israel and resume armed resistance.
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