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SAN FRANCISCO - Micro-blogging site Twitter confirmed Wednesday that its service had been blocked in Egypt, indicating a probable government crackdown on technology that could disseminate information about the widening anti-government demonstrations.
Mary Bono Mack’s Raunchy Photo Scandal
SAN FRANCISCO ( California's 45th congressional district Representative Mary Bono Mack has landed herself in hot soup after a reputed media outlet posted a photo and claimed that it shows the U.
‘Refudiate’ Named Word Of The Year
SAN FRANCISCO ( The word 'refudiate' first seized the limelight earlier this year when it was used by Republican leader Sarah Palin during a Fox television appearance in which she famously asked President Barack Obama to 'refudiate' the charges that he had made about the Tea Party movement by calling them racist.
Media Matters Gets $1 Million From George Soros
SAN FRANCISCO (Gaea Media Matters has received a donation of $1 million from Billionaire George Soros.

SAN FRANCISCO - California's ballot measure to legalize marijuana has a new friend: Facebook co-founder Sean Parker has given $100,000 to back the proposal.
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