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Michael Steele Faces Criticism
WASHINGTON (GaeaTimes.com)- On Thursday, at the Republican fundraiser at Connecticut Michael Steele was videotaped while addressing to the people and his comments raised criticism and calls for his resignation.
GOP chairman: Afghan 'war of Obama's choosing'
WASHINGTON - Republican chairman Michael Steele drew criticism from within his own party Friday, including calls to resign, after saying the 9-year-old commitment of U.S.
Michael Steele Criticises Saturday’s Incident
WASHINGTON (GaeaTimes.com)- The Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has on Sunday condemned the alleged act done by a group of protesters of the Tea Party rally held on Saturday, but said that such "isolated incidents" would in no way become a danger for the party.
Fire Nancy Pelosy, Baby Killer- Republicans Rant During Health Care Bill Debate
WASHINGTON (GaeaTimes.com)- The Health Care Reform bill's final day turned out to be an eventful day, with the Democrats winning the 219 votes three more than the needed to pass the bill and the Republicans yelling their protest in and out of the House.

WASHINGTON - The House passed legislation Wednesday that would ban misleading mailings designed to appear they're from the Census Bureau, following criticism that Republican groups were sending fundraising letters using the census name.
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