LISBON - Russia is a partner for NATO, not an adversary, US President Barack Obama said Saturday as a landmark NATO-Russia summit closed in Lisbon.

LISBON - NATO leaders at a summit Friday in Lisbon approved a 10-year strategy aimed at allowing the alliance to operate far beyond Europe, and agreed that NATO needs the equipment to counter new weapons, especially ballistic-missile attacks.

LISBON - NATO leaders met in Lisbon Friday for a summit to chart the alliance's course over the next decade and take major decisions on missile defence, Afghanistan and relations with Russia.

LISBON, Portugal - The body of Nobel-winning Portuguese novelist Jose Saramago arrived in his homeland Saturday for a funeral to be held in downtown Lisbon.

LISBON, Portugal - Two lesbians who were pioneers in bringing gay marriage to Portugal wed on Monday, becoming the first couple to enjoy the benefits of the law they helped usher into this predominantly Catholic country.
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