Land Mines

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka has barred some 3,000 villagers who fled the bloody final months of the country's civil war from returning to their homes in the north, possibly so the military can set up camps in the area, ethnic Tamil lawmakers charged Monday.

FORT GORDON, Ga. - A civilian arrested in uniform on an Army base had a land mine in his vehicle along with several grenades, night vision devices and a military laser targeting device, according to charging documents filed Wednesday.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - The Republican nominee for a New Mexico congressional seat suggested during a radio interview that the United States could place land mines along the Mexican border to secure the international boundary.

SANTIAGO, Chile - A global effort to ban cluster bombs has gained the signatures of 106 countries, but 70 more have yet to sign on with only weeks to go before the ban goes into effect on Aug.

PATNA, India - India will push ahead with an offensive against Maoist rebels despite the death of 76 government troops in an ambush by insurgents in the east, the country's top security official said Wednesday.
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