MOSCOW - Moscow police on Friday detained several gay rights opponents at the first sanctioned gay rights protest in years, marking a sharp reversal of policy after last week's dismissal of the city's notoriously intolerant mayor.

BOGOTA - The Colombian military searched rugged southern jungles Tuesday for a governor seized by a commando unit of suspected leftist rebels in the country's first major political kidnapping in years.

MANILA, Philippines - Tribal gunmen freed 47 hostages in the southern Philippines on Sunday, but the region continued to be wracked by violence as suspected Islamic radicals staged a deadly jail break in which dozens of inmates were freed, including comrades accused of beheading marines.

SALT LAKE CITY - Ten days of testimony in a federal court competency hearing shed new light on the man charged in the abduction of Elizabeth Smart but also raised some persistent questions about his mental state.

MANILA, Philippines - Officials negotiated for a second day Friday with government-armed former militiamen who took 57 villagers hostage in the southern Philippines to press their demands that murder and banditry charges against them be dropped.
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