House Elections

WASHINGTON - Ethics trials for two prominent House Democrats were set Thursday for after the midterm elections, depriving Republicans of headlines that could become campaign ads.

WASHINGTON - The nation may be waiting well beyond Election Day this year to find out who won control of Congress.

WASHINGTON - Democrats have all but written off at least three Senate seats - in North Dakota, Indiana and Arkansas - and at least six House seats in Tennessee, Louisiana, New York and elsewhere as they embark on a final-weeks advertising push to minimize congressional election losses.

WASHINGTON - The House ethics committee split along party lines Tuesday as Republicans demanded pre-election trials for two prominent Democrats, Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said Thursday he's tired of infighting within GOP ranks after heated primaries this year, telling party members they must stay unified to win in November.
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