Statement by the Press Secretary and Fact Sheets on Trade Adjustment Assistance and Pending Free Trade Agreements

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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For Immediate Release

WASHINGTON – Today, Press Secretary Jay Carney made the following statement on progress on Trade Adjustment Assistance for American workers and pending free trade agreements that will support tens of thousands of American jobs.

“President Obama has fought for an ambitious trade agenda that doubles exports in five years, levels the playing field for American workers, and reflects American values.  As part of that agenda, he has fought for Trade Adjustment Assistance for those American workers who lose their jobs due to increased imports or outsourcing.  As a result of extensive negotiations, we now have an agreement on the underlying terms for a meaningful renewal of a strengthened TAA.  The President embraces these critical elements of TAA needed to ensure that workers have the best opportunity to get good jobs that keep them in the middle class.  Now it is time to move forward with TAA and with the Korea, Colombia, and Panama trade agreements, which will support tens of thousands of jobs.”

Also below, please find fact sheets on the proposed improvements to strengthen Trade Adjustment Assistance and the Colombia, Panama, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements.

Trade Adjustment Assistance Fact Sheet
South Korea Free Trade Agreement
Colombia Free Trade Agreement
Panama Free Trade Agreement

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