Blair signed deal to train Gaddafi’s special forces during visit to Libya in 2007

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LONDON - Tony Blair had reportedly signed a deal with Libya to train Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s special forces and supply him with NATO secrets, during his last foreign trip to Africa as British Prime Minister in May 2007.

According to The Telegraph, the two leaders had agreed to co-operate on defence matters in a range of areas, including exchanging information about defence structures and technology.

The deal, which was signed in Gaddafi’s tent in the Libyan desert, had included an agreement on “co-operation in the training of specialised military units, special forces and border security units”.

The document, which was personally signed by both Blair and Gaddafi, also reportedly incorporated an agreement to “exchanges of information on NATO and EU military and civil security organisations”.

A passing reference to it was contained in a joint communiqu� between the two countries, which was issued at the time and posted on the Foreign Office website before being removed a few weeks ago, the paper said.

However, a full version of the deal made it clear the extent to which Blair had agreed to co-operate with the Gaddafi regime on defence matters.

Under the terms of the deal, Britain was committed to “exchanges of information and views on defence structures, military and security organisations, exchanges of visits by experts and exchange of printed materials in the field of military education and science, exchanges of information on current and developing military concepts, principles and best practice, and the conduct of joint exercises”.

Prime Minister David Cameron has criticised the last government’s approach to Libya in the House of Commons. (ANI)

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