Teenage belly dancer ‘claims Berlusconi knew her real age’

Thursday, February 17, 2011

LONDON - A teenage belly dancer involved in the Silvio Berlusconi sex scandal apparently told prosecutors that the Italian Prime Minister knew she was a minor.

Berlusconi, 74, has been at the centre of lurid allegations involving Moroccan-born Karima El Mahroug and is due to stand trial accused of paying her for sex and abuse of office.

El Mahroug and Berlusconi have insisted that no sex took place but damning details of their liaison have emerged.

In statements given to prosecutors last August, El Mahroug, now 18, recalled how she attended a party at Berlusconi’s home on Valentine’s Day last year, reports Sky News.

She said: “He gave me an envelope with 50,000 Euro in it.

“Berlusconi took me to one side and to a room where we were alone. He said that my life would change and even if he didn’t say it, it was not hard for me to see he was suggesting sex with him.”

She added she had told him she was 24 years old and Egyptian but when she returned the following month for another party she got talking to other female guests.

They told her that Berlusconi had put them up rent free in apartments on the outskirts of Milan and she then set her sights on getting one herself so she could move in as well.

She told prosecutors: “I had falsely told Berlusconi I was 24 years old and Egyptian. When he suggested a flat I had to put him straight and tell him how things really were.

“I couldn’t lie anymore so I told him I was a minor and that I was not Egyptian and I had no documents (therefore in Italy illegally).” (ANI)

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