K PM pay less than half of town hall chiefs.

Monday, February 14, 2011

London, Fe.14 (ANI): Nearly half of the Britain’s council chiefs get bigger salaries than Prime Minister David Cameron. According to a Incomes Data Services study, the average earnings of 300 local authority chief executives is now a staggering 147,934 pounds.

The highest paid female chief executive last year was Joanna Killian of the Essex County Council, who received a total of 237,000 pounds. t the other end of the scale, Adrian Dyer, chief executive of the West Somerset District Council was the lowest paid with a package of 62,261pounds.

The average salary of country council chief executives in south-east, is 204,162 pounds, as compared to 158,988 pounds, for those in the south - west.

“The size of council executives’ pay and perks is staggering and every year the costs continue to increase”, said John O’Connell, a research director of the Taxpayers’ Alliance. The Alliance further described the payouts as the “sting in the tail”. asreen Rahman, of Incomes Data Services, said: “Councils must start tightening their belts so executive salaries would be a good place to start when making cutbacks to ease the pressure on hard-pressed taxpayers.” He further added that the chief executives earning more than PM will face tough questions from council taxpayers in the current climate. (ANI)

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