We are not scared of hooliganism of BJP: Yasin Malik

Saturday, February 12, 2011

AJMER - Reacting to the protest by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) activists against him, separatist leader Yasin Malik said he was not scared of the part’s hooliganism.

“I would like to tell the protestors that we have no fear against such cowardly acts and will never be fearful of such things. We are in a peaceful agitation and will keep protesting in a peaceful way. We will not be scared from the hooliganism of BJP,” Malik told reporters here .

Malik said the BJP should change their behaviour and instead of protesting they should pressurise the ruling government to solve the issue of Kashmir.

“I would like to give them the message that they should change their behaviour and should pressurise the ruling government to solve the issue of Kashmir. So, that peace prevails in the region. They should carry on the process that they had started. When they are in power they say something and when they are not in power they say something else. They become violent and any kind of government cannot carry on like this,” he added.

BJYM activists hurled shoes at Malik and shouted pro-India slogans, and also burnt his effigy.

According to reports, the shoe, however, missed Malik, who was standing on the third floor of a hotel in Ganj locality where he is staying for the last two days.

The BJP activists led by party MLA Vasudev Devnani burnt an effigy of Malik, and demanded that should be asked to leave the city immediately.

The activists also raised slogans against him in front of the hotel.

“We cannot tolerate the presence of anti-social elements like Yasin Malik in the holy city,” said Devnani.

The MLA further said a memorandum has been submitted to District Collector Manju Rajpal in this regard.

Earlier, at least five persons were injured, when protestors clashed with the Srinagar Police over reports that the BJP activists in Ajmer attacked Malik. (ANI)

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