Karnataka Law Minister promises a plan of action

Saturday, January 22, 2011

BANGALORE - Karnataka Law Minister S. Suresh Kumar on Saturday said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would come out with a plan of action after assessing the Governor HR Bhardwaj’ documents of the land scam charges levelled at Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa.

Bhardwaj had approved prosecution of Yeddyurappa in a land scam case filed by two lawyers.

Speaking to the reporters after a meeting with Bhardwaj, Kumar said the Governor is ready to share the documents.

“Governor has agreed to give a copy of his decision and order along with other documents. I think we may receive the decision and the order and documents within next half an hour,” said Kumar.

He also said that Yeddyurappa was duly elected and he would continue as the Chief Minister and guide the party and state.

Kumar said that the party has a strong legal ground, but are looking at other aspects.

“We are in touch with our legal experts and national leadership and I think by this evening we will come out with our plan of action,” he said.

The Governor’s sanction approving for prosecution came on Friday.

Reacting to the prosecution, Yeddyurappa said that the Governor was behaving as an agent of Congress and the JDS. “This is nothing but a broad daylight murder of democracy and justice,” he said.

A press communique issued by the Governor’s Secretariat last night said Bhardwaj passed the order under section 19(1) of Prevention of Corruption Act and Section 197 of Criminal Procedure Code for prosecution in an appropriate court of law.

In a letter to Yeddyurappa, Bhardwaj told him that he cannot put a lid on serious allegations of corruption.

The Governor said the Chief Minister did not furnish any details to his letter of December 15 seeking factual information on the allegations levelled against him. (ANI)

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