Zimbabwe’s prime minister says violence that killed 1 strips constitution reform of legitimacy

Zimbabwe PM condemns violence against reform

Zimbabwe court frees 83 Peace Day marchers; group will face minor “criminal nuisance” charges

Zimbabwe Peace Day marchers freed after 2 days

Zimbabwe constitution reform canvassing postponed indefinitely after weekend violence

Zimbabwe constitution meetings halted by violence

Zimbabwe state airline fires striking pilots, plans to charter outside carriers to take over

Zimbabwe state airline fires striking pilots

Zimbabwe’s president says no more concessions with the coalition until sanctions are abolished

Zimbabwe’s president says sanctions must go

Zimbabwe: Disputed appointment of governors resolved ahead of the southern African summit

Zimbabwe’s coalition agrees on some disputed posts

Zimbabwe summons Western diplomats on Mugabe speech walkout; US, Europeans refuse to apologize

Diplomats won’t apologize for Mugabe walkout

Emotional, angry Zimbabwean President Mugabe attacks West at sister’s burial

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe attacks West at sister’s burial

Zimbabwean president’s sister Sabina, Mugabe’s closest ally, confidante, dies in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean president’s sister dies

HARARE, Zimbabwe — The party of Zimbabwe’s president says his sister Sabina Mugabe — a former lawmaker and one of his closest allies — died after a long battle with illness. She was 76.

Zimbabwe starts appeal against treason acquittal of top PM aide, outspoken Mugabe critic

Zimbabwe appeals treason acquittal of top PM aide

Germany threatens to cut off aid to Zimbabwe over attempts to seize German-owned farm

Protests at seizure of German-owned Zimbabwe farm

Zimbabwe’s PM fires 4 ministers who failed performance reviews and repositions another

Zimbabwe PM fires 4 ministers after reviews

Zimbabweans top world asylum seekers by far, UN refugee agency reports

UN: Zimbabweans top asylum seekers worldwide

Zimbabwe begins the process of rewriting its constitution, later than planned

Zimbabwe begins process of rewriting constitution

Zimbabwe’s critical NewsDay paper hot off the press as 1st independent newspaper in 7 years

Zimbabwe sees 1st independent newspaper in 7 years

Zimbabwe’s prime minister accuses outsiders of stirring trouble in his party

Zimbabwe PM accuses outsiders in party violence

Zimbabwe prime minister wants top aide Roy Bennett to join Cabinet after acquittal

Zimbabwe prime minister wants aide to join Cabinet

Zimbabwean massacre survivors plan protests against North Korean World Cup soccer team

Zimbabweans to protest N. Korean soccer team visit

US Congressman Donald Payne denied request to meet with Mugabe on Zimbabwe trip

Mugabe snubs US Congressman Donald Payne

HARARE, Zimbabwe — The U.S. Embassy says Congressman Donald M. Payne is ending a two-day trip to Zimbabwe without the audience he sought with President Robert Mugabe.

Zimbabwe’s first black interim prime minister Bishop Abel Muzorewa dies in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s first black interim PM Muzorewa dies

TV racial outbursts in SAfrica signal unhealed wounds opened by killing of white supremacist

Race outbursts sign of unhealed wounds in SAfrica

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe: gay rights will not be protected under new constitution

Mugabe: No gay rights in Zimbabwe

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zimbabwe’s president says gay rights will not be protected in a constitution being drawn up under a power-sharing deal.

SAfrican president cites “substantial” progress in talks to end coalition deadlock in Zimbabwe

Zuma: “substantial” progress in Zimbabwe talks

Zimbabwean court throws out motion to fire Parliament speaker, rules lawmakers voted freely

Zimbabwe court blocks ouster of Parliament speaker

South Africa’s Zuma demands UK loosen sanctions against Zimbabwe while on visit to Britain

SAfrican leader lobbies UK on Zimbabwe sanctions

Year-end news conference shows Zimbabwe leaders getting along, but no breakthroughs announced

Zimbabwe rivals getting along, but no breakthrough

Zimbabwe politicians say they have resolved 2 issues that had blocked unity government

Zimbabwe politicians reach breakthrough

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zimbabwe’s rival leaders met Monday and announced they had reached two agreements, offering rare reason for hope after a year of impasse and disappointment.

Rights group says Mugabe loyalists used rape to terrorize political opposition in Zimbabwe

Group: Mugabe loyalists raped women during vote

Zimbabwe’s prime minister welcomes South African efforts to rescue his coalition government

Zimbabwe PM welcomes South Africa’s intervention

3 Americans die in cargo plane crash in Shanghai, US Embassy says

3 Americans die in cargo plane crash in China

Obama highlights science education initiatives Monday, presents rights award to Zimbabwe group

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