German foreign minister urges Iran to show full transparency regarding its nuclear program

Germany: Iran has to come clean on nuclear program

Turkey: imprisoned leader of Kurdish rebels seen as factor in any end to a long conflict

Turkey’s Kurds: a peace role for rebel chief?

The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize citation

The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize citation

OSLO, Norway — The complete text of the citation awarding the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to Chinese dissident Liu Xiabo.

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo wins Nobel Peace Prize

Chinese dissident Liu wins Nobel Peace Prize

Chinese, Afghan activists favorites for Nobel Peace Prize

Chinese, Afghan activists favorites for Nobel

Chinese dissident, rights activists from Russia, Afghanistan hot candidates Nobel Peace Prize

Chinese dissident hot bet for Nobel Peace Prize

National Archives places Nazi Nuremberg Laws on rare display in Washington

National Archives puts Nazi papers on public view

Glamourous Ukraine’s ex PM protests new government dress code

Ukraine’s ex-PM criticizes new dress code

KIEV, Ukraine — Ukraine’s glamorous former prime minister is slamming a new government dress code as “laughable.”

Jewish groups outraged that convicted ex-Nazi officer is allowed out of detention to shop

Outrage in Italy as ex-Nazi officer free to shop

Nazi praise sparks Swiss rethink of legendary architect Le Corbusier, UBS drops ad drive

Nazi praise sparks Swiss rethink of Le Corbusier

Dutch court rejects exiled separatists’ demand to have Indonesian president arrested

Bid to have Indonesian president arrested fails

Yemen official says rocket hits near British embassy car, wounding diplomat and 3 bystanders

Yemen: Rocket attack targets British embassy car

Yemen official says mortar round targets British diplomatic motorcade, wounding 3 bystanders

Yemen: Mortar round lands near British motorcade

Albania mourns death of British comic hero Normal Wisdom, unlikely star during Communism

Albania mourns death of British comic hero

Jews join Vatican in condemning Berlusconi’s remark about Jews, money and the Holocaust

Italian PM under fire again, for Holocaust remark

Japan says argument over maritime clash with China over; dispute over islands remains

Japan says maritime spat with China over

BRUSSELS — Japan declared an end Tuesday to a dispute with China over a high-seas collision last month and the two countries agreed to resume exchanges and projects that had been stopped because of the incident.

Sweden’s prime minister forms minority government after unsuccessful election

Swedish premier forms minority gov’t

STOCKHOLM — Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has formed a minority government after his center-right coalition lost control of Parliament in last month’s election.

Chinese, Japanese hold highest-level meeting since dispute broke out over islands

Chinese, Japanese leaders meet in Europe amid spat

Israeli Supreme Court upholds deportation order on pro-Palestinian Nobel laureate Maguire

Court upholds deportation of Nobel laureate

State Department official: US paving way to take in exiled Cuban political prisoners

US working to accept exiled Cuban prisoners

Israeli Supreme Court upholds deportation order on Nobel laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire

Israel court upholds deportation of Nobel laureate

Pakistani officials say 5 German militants believed killed in a US drone strike in NW region

5 Germans said killed in Pakistan missile strike

Israel Supreme Court justice rebukes Irish Nobel laureate for calling Israel ‘apartheid’ state

Israeli Supreme Court rebukes Irish Nobel laureate

Spanish PM suffers setback in local election as hand-picked candidate loses

Local election setback for Spain PM

MADRID — Spain’s beleaguered prime minister suffered an embarrassing setback in a local election race Sunday, and a poll showed his party trailing ever further behind the opposition conservatives at the national level.

Barred from entering Israel, detained Nobel laureate turns to country’s Supreme Court for help

Irish Nobel laureate challenges Israeli detention

Turkish ship, scene of violence in flotilla raid, is setting for anti-Israel movie

Flotilla ship is setting for anti-Israel movie

Syria says any indirect peace talks with Israel must be mediated by Turkey

Syria wants Turkey to mediate talks with Israel

9 years on, despite the record, conspiracy theories 9/11 rife in Muslim world

9/11 conspiracy theories rife in Muslim world

Nobel experts predict low-key peace prize after Obama stunner

Nobel experts predict low-key prize after Obama

Police and protesters clash in Amsterdam after tolerant policy toward squatting is ended

Violent protests after Dutch outlaw squatting

Dutch tradition of “squatting” in empty homes now illegal, ending another pillar of tolerance

Hands off my house: Dutch outlaw squatting

Former Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf says in London only military can save Pakistan

Ex-general Musharraf to launch new political party

UN rights office tones down Congo ‘genocide’ report following protests by Rwanda, Uganda

UN tones down Congo ‘genocide’ report

GENEVA — The United Nations has toned down a report detailing hundreds of gruesome attacks against civilians in Congo over a 10-year period but left intact the suggestion that Rwanda’s army may have committed genocide there in the 1990s.

Police break up protest against German rail project with water cannons, pepper spray

German police hit protesters with water cannons

Police break up protest against German rail project with water canons, pepper spray

German police hit protesters with water canons

Euro ministers delay new debt rules discussion until next month

Euro ministers delay talks on new debt rules

Euro ministers discussing new ways to crack down on spendthrift governments

Euro ministers discussing new debt rules

BRUSSELS — The finance ministers of the 16 countries that use the euro gathered Thursday to debate new rules that would crack down on overspending governments — but disagreements over key elements meant quick consensus seemed unlikely.

UN summit ends with Swiss leader’s call for action beyond rhetoric

UN summit ends with call to action beyond rhetoric

Summary Box: Workers march in European capitals, strike in Spain and Greece over gov’t cuts

Summary Box: Workers take to streets in Europe

Ahead of his own comeback attempt, Musharraf says Pakistan’s military needs political role

Musharraf: Pakistan’s military need political role

Irish government rejects calls to fill 3 empty parliamentary seats, survives close votes

Irish government rejects byelections, survives

Israeli museum gives Swiss artist’s drawing seized by Nazis to Jewish charity in Britain

Israel passes Nazi-seized drawing to owner’s heir

Italy’s Berlusconi easily wins confidence vote, bolstering his government

Italy’s Berlusconi wins confidence vote

ROME — Premier Silvio Berlusconi won a confidence vote Wednesday night in the Chamber of Deputies by a wide margin, staving off, at least for now, the specter of early elections.

UK’s David Miliband quits front line politics after losing Labour Party leadership to brother

UK’s David Miliband quits after losing to brother

Despair in Gypsy ghetto town as EU announces legal action against France over expulsions

Despair in Gypsy ghetto town in eastern Romania

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