Russian military successfully test-fires new ballistic missile

Russian military successfully tests new missile

North Korea vows to strengthen its stockpile of nuclear arms

NKorea vows to strengthen nuclear arms

NEW YORK — North Korea vowed Wednesday to strengthen its nuclear weapons stockpile in order to deter a U.S. and South Korean military buildup in the region.

North Korea succession moves unlikely to herald shift in its combative approach to the world

NKorea unlikely to alter strategy toward world

Greece checks North Korea cargo for possible in arms link

Greece checks NKorea cargo, in arms probe

ATHENS, Greece — A government official in Greece says authorities are inspecting a cargo ship suspected of carrying weapon parts from North Korea to Syria.

UN chief hits radicals for fostering tension between West and Islamic world

UN chief hits radicals for fostering tension

Ban hits radicals for fostering tension between West and Islamic world

Ban hits radicals for fostering tension

UNITED NATIONS — Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon railed on Friday against radicals fostering tensions between the Western and Islamic worlds, saying the international community should stand together against those seeking to demonize “the other.”

US walks out of Ahmadinejad UN speech, Iranian says most people think US staged 9/11 attacks

US walks out of Ahmadinejad UN speech

UNITED NATIONS — President Barack Obama and his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad traded accusations about their nations’ nuclear programs, but both left the door open to further negotiations about the nuclear impasse.

UN chief urges tolerance to combat growing social inequalities and political polarization

UN chief urges tolerance to combat polarization

Israel against sale of Russian cruise missiles to Syria, fearing they could reach Hezbollah

Israel tried to block Russian arms deal with Syria

Top defender at Charles Taylor’s war-crimes trial wants SAfrica’s Thabo Mbeki to give evidence

Charles Taylor’s lawyer wants evidence from Mbeki

In victory for Obama, Senate panel recommends approval of nuclear treaty with Russia


APNewsBreak: Top US envoy meets Arab nations, warns pressure on Israel endangers Mideast talks

U.S. President Barack Obama

US accuses Iran of intimidating UN inspectors investigating Tehran’s nuclear program

US accuses Iran of intimidating nuclear inspectors

US envoy says no quick progress likely on resuming nuclear disarmament talks with North Korea

US envoy: No quick progress likely on NKorea talks

With Iran in mind, Pentagon seeks go-ahead for up to $60 billion in arms sales to Saudis

Pentagon proposes huge sale of warplanes to Saudis

US greets North Korea succession talk with a shrug, focusing on nuclear disarmament

US shrugs off North Korea succession talk

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is greeting with a shrug an expected North Korean political convention that could see the public debut of the country’s next ruler.

Gates says any Russian cheating on nuclear arms treaty would backfire

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South Korea imposes independent sanctions on Iran over suspected nuclear weapons program

Hillary  Clinton
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Report: Iran says it has the right to bar UN nuclear inspectors

Iran says it has the right to bar UN inspectors

Army studies its highest-risk group _ bomb technicians _ for effects of repeated concussions

Army studies concussions’ effects on bomb techs

Israel’s military says explosions in southern Lebanon occurred at Hezbollah weapons depot

Israel: Explosions occurred at Hezbollah depot

UN nuclear agency chief asks Israel to consider signing the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

UN nuclear chief asks Israel to join treaty

Tensions between Israel, Islamic nations scuttle IAEA plans for talks on nuke-free Mideast

UN agency fails to stage nuke-free Mideast talks

Obama expands sanctions by freezing assets of North Korean individuals, firms and agencies

President Barack Obama
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American held captive for 7 months in North Korea lands in Boston after Carter’s diplomacy

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Family of American detained for months in N. Korea eagerly awaits his arrival in Boston

Bill Clinton

Mother of man freed from N. Korea says she’s joyful and grateful her son is coming home

US President Bill Clinton

Former President Carter secures release of American imprisoned in NKorea since January

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Former President Jimmy Carter in North Korea, seeking to bring home jailed American

US President Bill Clinton
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Iran says it successfully test-fires new generation of the short-range Fateh-110 missile

Iran says it test-fires new missile

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran says it has successfully test-fired a new generation of a short-range surface-to-surface missile.

APNewsBreak: Arab nations lobby EU, world powers to push Israel on opening its nuclear program

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Clinton predicts Republicans will provide enough votes for arms treaty to ensure ratification

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Russia accuses US of failing to fulfill arms control, nuclear non-proliferation obligations

Russia accuses US of arms control breaches

US joins Hiroshima ceremony for 1st time, mayor seeks disarmament on A-bomb 65th anniversary

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