Struggling Supreme Court debates protests at soldiers’ funerals: family’s pain vs. free speech

High court: Does father’s pain trump free speech?

Supreme Court justices debate whether free speech right covers protests at soldiers’ funerals

High court struggles with funeral protest case

Supreme Court weighs whether right to free speech covers protests at soldiers’ funerals

High court to hear military funeral protest case

Pakistan blocks war supply route to Afghanistan after NATO allegedly kills 3 border guards

Pakistan cuts NATO supply line after border firing

Up to 30 insurgents killed in clashes in Afghanistan ahead of parliamentary vote

30 insurgents killed in Afghanistan ahead of vote

Police say at least 13 protesters killed in clashes with Indian troops in Kashmir

India forces battle Kashmiri protesters; 13 killed

Army officer running 31 miles on 9/11 to honor 10 soldiers he lost during deployment to Iraq

Army major honors fallen soldiers with run on 9/11

Iraqi soldier fires on American troops in northern Iraq, kills 2

Barack Obama

Troops, families glad to hear president’s declaration that combat operations in Iraq at end

Troops, families glad to hear end to Iraq combat

Obama declaring ‘promise kept’ in ending Iraq war, then plunges into tough Mideast peace try

Barack Obama

US returns to Tarawa to search for remains of Marines killed in pivotal World War II battle

US searching for remains of WWII Marines on Tarawa

Afghan police recruit kills 2 Spanish officers, interpreter in latest infiltration attack

Afghan police recruit kills 2 Spanish officers

Number of US troops in Iraq now below 50,000 figure mandated by Obama, lowest since invasion

President Barack Obama

Troops working to secure next month’s Afghan elections kill 40 Taliban militants near capital

Troops kill 40 militants east of Afghan capital

NATO reports 4 foreign troops killed in Afghanistan, raising month’s death toll to 46

NATO: 4 foreign troops in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — Roadside bombs killed four members of the international security force in Afghanistan on Monday, including one American, NATO reported.

Underneath fields and homes in south Lebanon, Israel sees the battlefield of the next war

Underneath Lebanon, Israel sees hidden battlefield

More than 20 armed insurgents, including foreign fighters, killed in eastern Afghanistan

Afghan, NATO troops pursue Haqqani fighters

Sri Lankan government-appointed commission to probe civil war begins public hearings

Sri Lanka war commission begins public hearings

UN: Afghan civilians killed, injured rose 31 percent in first 6 months of the year

UN: Afghan citizens killed, injured rising sharply

Military treats mentally distressed soldiers at combat site rather than returning them to US

Military keeps distressed soldiers at combat site

3 killed as paramilitary soldiers open fire on anti-India protesters in restive Kashmir

Soldiers fire on protesters in Kashmir, 3 killed

Paramilitary soldiers open fire on anti-India protesters in restive Kashmir, 2 killed

Soldiers fire on protesters in Kashmir, 2 killed

July the deadliest month of Afghan war for US forces as 3 new deaths bring American toll to 63

The Dalai Lama

Yemeni troops battle northern rebels short distance from capital in clash that kills dozens

Yemen’s army battles rebels in north; dozens dead

12 killed in 2-day battle in Somali capital; 10 children wounded when mortar hits school

12 Somalis killed in 2-day Mogadishu battle

Turncoat Afghan soldier kills 3 British troopers, wounds 4 in attack on a base

Turncoat Afghan soldier kills 3 British troopers

Taliban say Afghan soldier who killed British troops now being protected by insurgents

Taliban say they welcome turncoat Afghan soldier

Colombia military: 13 soldiers killed in minefields in pursuit of rebels

13 soldiers killed in Colombian minefields

Fundamentalist church says protests at military funerals are protected by First Amendment

Church says funeral protests are protected

NATO mistakenly targets Afghan army with precision airstrike, killing 5 of its allied soldiers

NATO airstrike accidentally kills 5 Afghan troops

British Supreme Court says soldiers serving abroad are not covered by human rights laws

UK court denies soldiers’ human rights challenge

British soldier wounded in Afghanistan dies, taking death toll in campaign to 300

British death toll in Afghanistan reaches 300

Turkish military hunts down Kurdish rebels along Iraqi border in new offensive

Turkish troops hunt down Kurdish rebels

ANKARA, Turkey — Elite commando units rappelled down from helicopters, and mechanized infantry units blocked escape routes of Kurdish rebels in a major operation along the Iraqi border on Monday. Turkey’s military chief did not rule out a cross-border offensive against rebel hideouts in northern Iraq.

Paramilitary soldiers open fire on stone-throwing protesters, killing 1 in Indian Kashmir

Soldiers fire on Kashmiri protesters; 1 killed

Kurdish rebels kill 7 soldiers rocket attack on Turkish military vehicle

Kurdish rebels kill 7 Turkish soldiers

ISTANBUL — Kurdish rebels killed six Turkish soldiers and wounded nine in an overnight raid Tuesday on a military outpost along the border with Iraq, indicating the resiliency of their low-level insurgency and the failure of efforts to reach a peace accord. Another soldier died in a separate attack.

In Colombia presidential vote, maverick outsider vies with Uribe disciple

Uribe torchbearer vs. outsider in Colombia vote

Obama’s strategy in Afghanistan faces greatest test as US toll reaches 1,000 deaths

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