Voting Districts

WASHINGTON - Struggling to build a firewall against a Republican takeover, congressional Democrats are pouring money into roughly two dozen tight races around the country in the campaign's closing weeks while pulling it back from others where their chances seem slimmer.

WASHINGTON - Democrats have all but written off at least three Senate seats - in North Dakota, Indiana and Arkansas - and at least six House seats in Tennessee, Louisiana, New York and elsewhere as they embark on a final-weeks advertising push to minimize congressional election losses.

CARACAS, Venezuela - Opponents of Hugo Chavez won new clout to try to rein in a socialist leader who has ruled largely unchecked, making gains in congressional elections that weaken the president ahead of his next re-election bid and could force him to deal with rivals.

ATLANTA - Republican voters in north Georgia have nominated freshman U.S.
GOP looks to erase Democrats' comfy House majority
WASHINGTON - No fewer than 65 House seats across the country - an overwhelming majority held by Democrats - are at risk of changing political hands this fall, enough to bolster Republican hopes of regaining power and stoke fears in President Barack Obama's party of losing it.
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