CPM, TDP to press for JPC to probe ‘IPL-Gate’

Siliguri / Hyderabad, Apr 25 (ANI): The Communist Party of India (Marxist), has reiterated its demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to probe into alleged financial irregularities in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

‘Nitish criticism of Op Green Hunt a political gimmick’

Although chief minister Nitish Kumar has reiterated not to launch Operation Green Hunt in his home land, a massive crackdown continuing at the level of the state govenrment has dealt a heavy blow to the organisational structure of the separatists in Bihar.

Thai PM says he underestimated protest movement, offers no ideas to end crisis

Thai PM says he underestimated protesters

BANGKOK — Thailand’s embattled prime minister acknowledged he initially underestimated the protesters who have occupied central Bangkok for weeks, but he offered no initiatives Sunday to end the country’s prolonged, sometimes bloody political crisis.

Stunned by suicides, Fort Campbell finds new ways to help its soldiers cope

Fort Campbell tries to stop soldier suicides

Obama lawyer Bob Bauer, point man on Supreme Court vacancy, low-key guy with a sledge hammer

US President Barack Obama

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