The Hague

BEIRUT/THE HAGUE - Tension was mounting in Beirut Tuesday, with several streets and schools shut and military checkpoints set up following the issuing of a confidential draft indictment for the Rafik Hariri assassination.

THE HAGUE, Netherlands - A Dutch court Wednesday rejected a separatist group's bid to have Indonesia's president arrested for alleged human rights violations during a state visit to the Netherlands.

THE HAGUE, Netherlands - The prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, says he will launch cases against as many as six suspected instigators of postelection violence in Kenya that left more than 1,000 people dead in 2007-08.
Russia denies Georgian claims of ethnic cleansing
THE HAGUE, Netherlands - Russia accused Georgia on Monday of manufacturing allegations of ethnic cleansing in Georgia's breakaway provinces after it failed to regain control of the areas in an abortive five-day war.

THE HAGUE, Netherlands - The United Nations' highest court ruled Thursday that Kosovo's declaration of independence was legal, dealing a blow to Serbia, which vowed never to accept its former province as a separate state and warned the ruling could embolden separatist movements around the world.
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