Sweden’s prime minister forms minority government after unsuccessful election

Swedish premier forms minority gov’t

STOCKHOLM — Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has formed a minority government after his center-right coalition lost control of Parliament in last month’s election.

Nobel experts predict low-key peace prize after Obama stunner

Nobel experts predict low-key prize after Obama

Swedish election results confirmed: Government loses parliamentary majority

Swedish vote confirmed: Gov’t loses majority

Swedish government gains 1 seat in late vote count

Swedish government gains 1 seat in late vote count

Several dozen Iraqis deported from Europe return to Baghdad despite safety fears

Group of Iraqis deported from Europe return home

Gov’t expected to talk to opposition party in Sweden, rejecting alliance with far-right group

Sweden’s govt rejects any ties with far right

Swedish PM says government to stay in power after loosing majority, seek support from Greens

Swedish PM says gov’t to stay in power

STOCKHOLM — Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt says his center-right government will stay in office despite losing its majority in a parliamentary election.

Swedish government loses majority in election as far-right group enters Parliament

Swedish gov’t loses majority, far-right kingmaker

Swedish election too close to call as far-right group challenges government’s majority

Swedish election too close to call

STOCKHOLM — Sweden’s election was heading for a nail-biting finish Sunday with a TV exit poll and partial results showing a far-right party challenging the center-right government’s majority in Parliament.

TV exit poll: Swedish center-right govt wins election, but far-right may become kingmaker

Exit poll: Swedish far-right may become kingmaker

A look at Sweden’s candidates for prime minister

A look at Sweden’s candidates for prime minister

Swedish nationalist group surges ahead of election amid loud protests

Swedish nationalist group surges amid protests

NKorea says imprisoned American is receiving medical treatment after he tried to kill himself

US President Bill Clinton
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Sweden abolishes compulsory military service for men in peacetime

Sweden scraps military conscription

STOCKHOLM — Sweden on Thursday abolished a 100-year tradition of compulsory military service for men during peacetime, replacing it with a voluntary system with rigorous requirements to join.

UN refugee agency says some 60 Iraqis deported from Europe are back home despite safety fears

UNHCR says some 60 Iraqis sent home from Europe

Activists slain by Israel hailed as martyrs; Turkey warns of permanent harm to relations

Turkey honors slain activists, including US teen

New Russian archival evidence Swedish war hero Raoul Wallenberg survived after reported death

New evidence on WWII mystery of Raoul Wallenberg

Israeli foreign minister says he boycotted visiting Brazilian president over protocol breach

Israeli FM says he boycotted Brazilian president

Sweden labels mass World War I killing of Armenians genocide with 1-vote margin

Sweden labels mass killing of Armenians genocide

Other diplomats who saved lives

Other diplomats who saved lives

Some of the diplomats who, like George Mantello in Geneva, played a role in helping Jewish and other refugees to flee the Nazis:

Swedish lawmaker pressured to explain alleged drag-queen junket to Spain

Swedish lawmaker defends alleged drag-queen junket

Engineering firm ABB confirms EU price investigation at Swedish business

ABB confirms EU price probe at Swedish business

North Korea says it has detained an American man for trespassing on its border with China

US President Bill Clinton

Swedish diplomat de Mistura named next top UN envoy to Afghanistan

Swedish diplomat named top UN envoy to Afghanistan

Police: Foreigner commissioned Auschwitz sign theft, suspects re-enact robbery

Police: Foreigner behind Auschwitz sign theft

Suspects re-enact Auschwitz sign theft on orders from investigators

Auschwitz sign theft re-enacted for investigators

Swedish court gives NKorean diplomatic couple 8 months for smuggling cigarettes

NKorean diplomats jailed for cigarette smuggling

Nations seek billions of dollars in climate financing for developing countries

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