Japan says argument over maritime clash with China over; dispute over islands remains

Japan says maritime spat with China over

BRUSSELS — Japan declared an end Tuesday to a dispute with China over a high-seas collision last month and the two countries agreed to resume exchanges and projects that had been stopped because of the incident.

UN summit ends with Swiss leader’s call for action beyond rhetoric

UN summit ends with call to action beyond rhetoric

North Korea vows to strengthen its stockpile of nuclear arms

NKorea vows to strengthen nuclear arms

NEW YORK — North Korea vowed Wednesday to strengthen its nuclear weapons stockpile in order to deter a U.S. and South Korean military buildup in the region.

Ohio attorney general to hold summit to address violence in area where 2 church members killed

Ohio AG to hold summit over parishioner killings

Obama to address 2010 Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington on Oct. 5

Obama to address Fortune’s powerful women summit

Myanmar says it’s working for ‘free and fair’ vote, but doesn’t mention prisoners

Myanmar: working for ‘free and fair’ vote

UNITED NATIONS — Myanmar failed to answer international pleas to release detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other political prisoners, telling other nations Tuesday that it is striving to ensure its first elections in two decades are “free and fair.”

Israeli foreign minister calls for intermediate peace agreement with Palestinians, land swaps

Israeli calls for intermediate peace agreement

Japan PM has no plans to meet with Chinese counterpart at Asia-Europe summit next week

No Japan-China meeting planned at Europe summit

Nations say Myanmar must free Suu Kyi, other political prisoners for election to be credible

Nations warn Myanmar to free prisoners

UNITED NATIONS — Foreign ministers from key nations warned Myanmar’s military junta Monday that the release of political prisoners including detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is “essential” for upcoming elections to be seen as credible, the U.N. chief said.

AP Interview: Iraqi minister says US should help break deadlock in forming new government

Iraq: US should help break government deadlock

Sudan calls for international community to monitor independence referendum

Sudan calls for world to monitor referendum

Palestinian leader says Israel must choose between peace or continuation of settlements

Abbas says settlements block Mideast peace deal

At UN, climate ministers remain deadlocked before next major summit in December

At UN, climate ministers seek way out of stalemate

Sudanese officials seek world support as critical independence referendum nears

Sudan seeks global support as vote nears

UNITED NATIONS — Sudanese officials are asking world leaders including President Barack Obama to provide the international support needed to maintain peace as they near a critical independence referendum on south Sudan that could split Africa’s largest country in two.

UN chief hits radicals for fostering tension between West and Islamic world

UN chief hits radicals for fostering tension

Arab League chief: No peace talks if Israel continues building settlements

Arabs: No peace talks if Israel continues building

Ban hits radicals for fostering tension between West and Islamic world

Ban hits radicals for fostering tension

UNITED NATIONS — Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon railed on Friday against radicals fostering tensions between the Western and Islamic worlds, saying the international community should stand together against those seeking to demonize “the other.”

US walks out of Ahmadinejad UN speech, Iranian says most people think US staged 9/11 attacks

US walks out of Ahmadinejad UN speech

UNITED NATIONS — President Barack Obama and his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad traded accusations about their nations’ nuclear programs, but both left the door open to further negotiations about the nuclear impasse.

Kenya’s president: Key leaders say south Sudan independence referendum will be held in January

Kenya’s Kibaki expects south Sudan vote in January

International aid groups say new US strategy will better help poor people abroad

Aid groups cheer Obama development plan

UNITED NATIONS — International aid and advocacy groups are welcoming President Barack Obama’s new global development policy, saying they expect it will make U.S. foreign assistance more effective and better help those who really need it.

UN chief urges tolerance to combat growing social inequalities and political polarization

UN chief urges tolerance to combat polarization

US walks out on Ahmadinejad UN speech as he says some think Americans caused 9/11 attacks

US walks out on Ahmadinejad UN speech

UNITED NATIONS — The U.S. delegation walked out of the U.N. speech of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday after he said some in the world have speculated that Americans were actually behind the Sept. 11 terror attacks, staged in an attempt to assure Israel’s survival.

UN launches global campaign to save 16 million mothers and children over 5 years

UN promotes health campaign for women, children

Mideast peacemakers push Israel on settlements, 3rd round of talks still not set

Mideast peacemakers push Israel on settlements

Mideast peacemakers cancel news conference, Israeli-Palestinian talks stall

Mideast peacemakers cancel conference amid rancor

US sees closer NATO-Russia ties on issues such as help in Afghanistan, missile defense

US expects closer ties between NATO and Russia

Summit to spotlight how to achieve goals to help world’s poorest by 2015 target

Global spotlight on helping world’s poor

UNITED NATIONS — Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon opened a summit Monday with a plea to the assembled presidents, prime ministers and kings to use their power to meet U.N. goals to help the world’s poorest by 2015.

Germany: Merkel did not tell France’s Sarkozy her country would also clear out illegal camps

Germany denies alleged Merkel comment on camps

Sarkozy vows to keep up dismantling illegal camps despite criticism of targeting Gypsies

France defies EU criticism on Gypsy expulsions

Sarkozy’s office fires back at EU criticism on its treatment of Gypsies

Sarkozy’s office hits back at criticism on Gypsies

Obama to address UN anti-poverty summit and General Assembly ministerial meeting

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Chicago’s top cop criticized for ‘gang summit,’ but other departments say tactic effective

Chicago police chief criticized for ‘gang summit’

Report: North Korea proposed summit talks with South Korea but was rejected due to tensions

Report: NKorea proposed summit talks with SKorea

Obama, EU leaders to meet Nov. 20 in Lisbon

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