Nobel literature prize a platform for Vargas Llosa’s combative political activism

Nobel a platform for outspoken Vargas Llosa

Obama reaffirms US support for Ecuador’s institutions, president in wake of police revolt

Obama reaffirms support to Ecuador’s president

Ariz. governor opposes ruling that lets Mexico offer viewpoints in immigration appeal

Brewer opposes Mexico’s participation in appeal

Government extends state of siege after police revolt in Ecuador

Ecuadorean government extends state of emergency

Opposition urges Paraguay’s president to step aside, tend health; aides suspicious

Ill, Paraguay president faces calls to step aside

Mexico, 10 other countries want to voice opinions to appeals court on Ariz. immigration law

11 countries seek voice in AZ immigration appeal

Moderate leftist leads mayoral race as Lima gets first-ever elected woman mayor,

A first for Lima: elected female mayor

LIMA, Peru — A moderate leftist who gained renown as a human rights advocate consolidated what remained a narrow lead Monday over her pro-business rival. Whoever wins, Lima will have its first elected female mayor ever.

Brazil’s Rousseff faces veteran centrist in presidential runoff after failing to get majority

Brazil goes to runoff after Rousseff falls short

Moderate leftist leads in Lima mayoral race, would be first female ever in post

Lima to have first female mayor ever

LIMA, Peru — A moderate leftist looked Sunday night to be headed by a narrow margin to becoming Lima’s first elected female mayor.

Brazil’s leading presidential candidate Rousseff is forced into runoff vote against centrist

Brazil’s Rousseff facing runoff presidential vote

Ruling party’s Rousseff has wide lead in Brazil election but runoff likely, early results show

Rousseff leads in Brazil vote, but runoff likely

Brazil exit poll: Ruling-party candidate Rousseff with wide lead, but runoff vote possible

Brazil exit poll: Rousseff with wide lead in vote

Brazil TV exit poll shows ruling-party candidate with wide lead, but runoff vote possible

Brazil TV exit poll shows Rousseff with wide lead

Was Ecuador police revolt a coup attempt or a spontaneous uprising?

Ecuador revolt: Attempted coup or uprising?

Ecuador in state of seige after soldiers rescue president; Correa calls revolt coup attempt

Ecuador calm after revolt; Correa alleges coup

Ecuador in state of seige after soldiers rescue president; UNASUR and US support Correa

Ecuador in state of seige, region supports Correa

Ecuadorean soldiers rescue president after firefight with rebel cops at hospital

Ecuadorean troops rescue leader from rebel police

Ecuadorean soldiers rescue president after firefight with rebel cops outside hospital

Ecuador troops rescue president from rebel cops

Ecuador security minister says 1 dead, 6 injured in protests triggered by police strike

Ecuador minister: 1 dead, 6 hurt in cop protests

Police protesters throw Ecuador into chaos, seize airport, blocking roads

Protesting police throw Ecuador into chaos

Police, soldiers in Ecuador seize airport, block roads in protest of benefit cuts

Protesting police, soldiers seize Ecuador airport

Bolivia’s Morales says law lets him seek re-election in 2014; opposition disagrees

Bolivia’s Morales: law lets him seek re-election

Venezuela opposition leader rebuffs Chavez’s challenge to pursue referendum against president

Venezuela opposition: No plans for recall vote

Hugo Chavez says Venezuela is studying idea of starting peaceful nuclear energy program

Chavez: Venezuela studying nuclear energy program

Venezuela opposition hopes can rein in Chavez after making gains in congressional elections

Opposition hopes to rein in Chavez after election

Leftist Colombian senator removed from office over allegations she collaborated with rebels

Colombian Sen. Cordoba kicked out of Congress

Opposition makes gains, Chavez allies see majority trimmed in Venezuela congressional vote

Chavez allies see congressional majority cut back

Venezuelans await results of congressional vote seen as critical test for Chavez

Venezuela awaits results of congressional vote

Elections chief: Chavez’s allies win majority in Venezuela congressional vote

Official: Chavez allies win congressional majority

Chavez allies win majority of seats in Venezuela’s congressional vote, opponents make gains

Chavez allies win congressional majority in vote

Chavez opponents aim to put checks on president’s power in Venezuela congressional vote

Chavez fights for control in congressional vote

Chavez’s hope to check his sweeping powers with wins in Venezuelan congressional elections

Chavez’s foes hope voters put checks on his power

Hugo Chavez tries to hold on to congressional control in Venezuela elections

Chavez aiming to keep control in legislative vote

Chavez, opponents hold final rallies in campaign for Venezuela’s legislative elections

Chavez, opponents rally before Venezuela vote

French Embassy seeks help in finding 2 young French tourists missing in Bolivia for 4 weeks

2 young French tourists said missing in Bolivia

Peru poll says 2 women front-runners in race for Lima mayor _ post held by men since 1535

2 women seen as front-runners in Lima mayor’s race

Chavez insists he won’t accept US ambassador nominee, condemns US criticism on drugs

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