Snow forces White House to move concert of civil rights movement a day earlier

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

NATO airstrike kills 4 Afghan soldiers in case of mistaken identity; govt condemns mix-up

NATO airstrike kills 4 Afghan soldiers in mix-up

Blizzard-like storm cripples travel, shopping from Mid-Atlantic to Northeast

The White House
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Heavy snow boots and wing tips mix as senators trudge through deep snow for weekend session

Grab the parkas, snow boots: Senate’s in session

Poland tightens border as hunt intensifies for stolen sign from Auschwitz death camp memorial

Poland tightens border in hunt for Auschwitz sign

Polish police: Auschwitz ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ sign stolen from memorial site

Police: Auschwitz ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ sign stolen

US troops who have died while serving in Iraq and Kuwait

US troops killed in Iraq and Kuwait

Army Spc. Tony Carrasco Jr.

2002 Winter Olympics launched Utah’s ski industry and nonstop development at resorts

Olympics put Utah skiing ‘on the map’

SALT LAKE CITY — In addition to great powder snow and a long winter, Utah’s ski industry is blessed by the lingering buzz of the 2002 Winter Olympics, plus a major nearby airport that makes getting to Salt Lake City easy from other parts of the country.

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  • laineperry12 At National Weather Service, there are no snow days:
  • jesuischristie about to run home before the snow starts.
  • crawfie01 Blizzard number two has begun. I love snow!
  • LauraLeeDesigns Cabin Fever Ideas?? PLEASE??? all this #snow is beautiful... but locks me in! #SNOVERKILL!
  • football_baby21 fell in 8th prd and now my hip hurts so i cant go snow bording/ i really wish people would stop askin me wats wronge in not goin to tell u
  • iamsquishyxx Oops i'm drunk. Who wants to celebrate the snow day with me?
  • SteveGrzanich More snow totals...Elk Grove 4.0"...Mt. Prospect 5.0"...Huntley 3.8"...Park Ridge 6.7"...Orland Hills 3.7"
  • HeavenlyTwain I may get shipped South for this one but..How is a man like a snow fall? You never know how many inches you'll get or how long it will last.
  • _KADeeOffDhuMAX OMG!!!y is it wen i want skool its cancelled......SNOW DAii 2mm>>>where everyone gonna b at???
  • yocari Wrapping up at work... expecting tons of snow for the NYC tri-state area. Will be sledding with my little tike if it does!

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  • gavinovz Eating dinner, snow has started falling.
  • terryjr386 Finally an Inbox Zero day. That is a first in about never.
  • cruleworld1 @JonYoung320 haha, lets hope... I haven't gone in 3 years just got some snow pants finally...
  • bouvi playing on tractor moving snow
  • mistressdidi What the Every hour the weather reports 2 MORE INCHES OF SNOW! Schools are closed (ugh! the brat upstairs will stomp around all day...)
  • amirsfeed better mac snow lepoard or windows 7
  • polymath22 Most snow amounts were between 6-10". A few flurries lingering this evening, then clearing & colder the next few days.
  • dabitch RT @tsand: Dark out. Can't tell if that's a person pushing a snow blower or a stroller.
  • onnie5000 Bring on the snow! (@ Wells Estate)
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