WH: President Obama to call Guatemalan leader to apologize for 1940s syphilis experimentation

Obama to apologize to Guatemala head on experiment

US apologizes to Guatemala for 1940s study that infected prisoners with syphilis

US apologizes for ’40s syphilis study in Guatemala

From midwives in flip-flops to motorcycle ambulances, saving pregnant mothers is global goal

Gains made, but many pregnant mothers still die

In Uzbekistan, haunting tales of mass sterilization drive to curb population growth

Uzbek women accuse state of mass sterilizations

Study finds nearly 1 in 5 US middle-aged women childless amid rising job opportunities

US childlessness is up, but racial gaps narrowing

AIDS groups protest against FIFA, saying they are not allowed to set up ‘wellness centers’

AIDS groups protest against FIFA

JOHANNESBURG — AIDS awareness groups said Saturday they are protesting against FIFA for not allowing them to distribute health-related information and condoms at World Cup stadiums and fan events in South Africa.

AIDS groups protest ban on HIV information centers at FIFA controlled soccer venues

AIDS groups protest FIFA ban policy

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — AIDS awareness groups said Saturday they are protesting a ban by the world soccer body FIFA on distributing health related information and condoms at World Cup stadiums and fan events in South Africa.

Washington state settles for $125,000 in lawsuit alleging inmate shackled during childbirth

WA settles with inmate shackled during childbirth

‘The pill’ turns 50: debate continues over cultural significance; women have new options

America’s favorite birth control method turns 50

AIDS advocacy group to target 9 California porn agencies in labor complaints

9 porn agencies to be targeted in labor complaints

Closure appears near for unusual collision of abortion, immigration politics in Nebraska

Immigration concerns trump abortion worry in Neb.

Unusual collision of abortion, immigration politics puts Nebraska lawmakers in uneasy spot

Abortion, immigration issues collide in Nebraska

Calif worker safety board to consider mandating condoms for porn actors to curb spread of STDs

Safety board to weigh requiring condoms in porn

Pentagon military treatment facilities to offer emergency contraception at locations worldwide

Pentagon to offer emergency contraception abroad

Nearly half of Chinese births are C-sections; WHO warns unnecessary surgeries pose risk

WHO survey: Half of China’s births are C-sections

US general in Iraq says he would not court-martial pregnant soldiers despite policy

US general: No court-martial for pregnant soldiers

California regulators to consider AIDS group’s call for mandatory use of condoms in porn films

Calif. board to consider requiring condoms in porn

Irish Supreme Court: Gay man who donated sperm to lesbian couple should have access to son

Irish judges: Gay sperm donor should see his son

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