Clinton heading to Balkans to press for dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo

Clinton to visit Balkans, press reconciliation

Protesters deride French president’s crackdown on Gypsies and new security tack

Thousands protest French crackdown on Gypsies

UK court blocks attempt to extradite ex-Bosnian vice president for war crimes

UK court blocks extradition of ex-Bosnian leader

Serbian lawmakers reaffirm claim on Kosovo, vow to never recognize Kosovo as independent

Serbia lawmakers vow never to recognize Kosovo

Lawmakers pass motion reaffirming Serbia claim on Kosovo, urging talks after UN court ruling

Serbia lawmakers pass resolution on Kosovo

Fears of global separatism after UN court rules Kosovo’s independence declaration legal

After UN court ruling, fears of global separatism

Kosovo wins victory as UN court calls independence declaration legal, rejects Serbia’s claim

World court says Kosovo’s independence is legal

World court rejects Serbian claim, says Kosovo’s 2008 independence did not break int’l law

World court: Kosovo’s independence was legal

World court to issue nonbinding opinion on legality of Kosovo’s 2008 independence declaration

World court to rule on Kosovo independence

Bosnia buries 775 Srebrenica massacre victims on the 15th anniversary of the killings

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Pillar of Shame: Memorial of 16,000 shoes blames U.N for not preventing Srebrenica massacre

Srebrenica massacre memorial to point finger at UN

Pillar of Shame: Memorial of 16,000 worn shoes blames U.N for Srebrenica failures

Srebrenica memorial to point finger at UN

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Phillip Ruch’s monument to Srebrenica is a huge jumble of worn shoes, more than 16,000 of them, each pair representing a victim of Europe’s worst massacre since World War II.

Serb lawmaker shot and wounded in north of Kosovo

Serb lawmaker shot in Kosovo

PRISTINA, Kosovo — A gunman wounded a Serb member of Kosovo’s parliament on Monday, police said, in an attack that could further stoke ethnic tensions in the unstable region.

Turkey sounds upbeat note about joining EU despite tensions with West, eastward turn

Turkey sounds upbeat about joining EU

ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey’s president sounded an optimistic note Wednesday about his country’s prospects of joining the European Union despite its recent turn toward the East.

From squares in Buenos Aires to streets of Seoul, fans revel in World Cup

Work suffers, parties thrive during World Cup

From Copacabana beach to Korean Buddhist temples to Serbian cafes, fans revel in World Cup

Work is skipped, parties abound during World Cup

Kosovo police use tear gas to prevent clashes between ethnic Albanians and Serbs

Police use tear gas to prevent clashes in Kosovo

Prominent Serbian human rights activist Biljana Kovacevic Vuco dies at 58 after long illness

Prominent Serbian human rights activist dies at 58

Croatian President apologizes for his country’s policy toward Bosnia in the 1990s

Croatian President apologizes to Bosnia

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Croatia’s president apologized Wednesday for his country’s role in the Bosnian war, the clearest message of reconciliation to date from any leader of the three nationalities involved in Europe’s bloodiest conflict since World War II.

Serbia issues international arrest warrant for Nazi war crimes suspect living in US

Serbia issues arrest warrant for suspected Nazi

President says Serb apology for 1995 Srebrenica massacre ‘historic’

Serb President: Srebrenica declaration ‘historic’

Serbia lawmakers pass declaration condemning 1995 Srebrenica massacre

Serbia offers apology for Srebrenica massacre

Serb nationalists use placards to honor Europe’s most wanted war crimes fugitive

Serb nationalists name street after Mladic

Romania abuzz with claim winner of president election enlisted the paranormal

Zap! Was Romanian election loser victim of occult?

Serbia files suit against Croatia at world court accusing it of genocide

Serbia files genocide suit against Croatia

Serbian official quits over his country’s failure to arrest war criminal Ratko Mladic

Serbian official quits over failure to get Mladic

US, Russia face off at World Court over Kosovo’s declaration of independence

US, Russia face off at World Court over Kosovo

Kosovo warns World Court that overturning its independence could trigger new Balkan conflict

Kosovo tells court its independence is permanent

Serbia says Kosovo independence illegal at opening of world court hearings

Serbia at hearing: Kosovo’s independence illegal

Kosovo confident about UN court’s ruling on the legality of its independence

Kosovo confident ahead of UN court hearing

Yugoslav war crimes tribunal orders resumption of Serb nationalist Vojislav Seselj’s trial

Serb nationalist’s war crimes trial to resume

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