Stimulus, Social Security dominate 3rd Colorado Senate debate

Stimulus, Social Security dominate Colorado debate

Republican allies make Colorado a top target for midterm gains

GOP allies make Colo. a top target

DENVER — Watching an “Oprah” show about holiday craft tips? The commercial break includes a piece starring a sickly man in a hospital bed with dire warnings about the health care overhaul supported by Sen. Michael Bennet.

Fla. Gov. Crist’s Senate bid hurt by hits from left, right; Dem could buck GOP wave for gov

Fla. Gov. Crist hurt by hits from left, right

Monthly premiums to rise for 7 of top 10 Medicare prescription plans in 2011

Double-digit hikes for some Medicare drug plans

Medical marijuana advocates say California legalization initiative fails to protect patients

Medical pot advocates oppose Calif. legalization

Premiums for Medicare Advantage plans will average 1 percent lower next year

Premiums for Medicare private plans dip 1 percent

Catching up to private insurance, Medicare expands coverage for counseling to quit smoking

Will grandma ever quit smoking?

WASHINGTON — Medicare is catching up to most private insurers by providing counseling for any beneficiary who’s trying to quit smoking. More than 4 million seniors are hooked on cigarettes.

Census estimates show Hispanic births, multiracial people adding to minority gains, diversity

Census: Multiracial US becoming even more diverse

Obama renews health care bill pitch to a reluctant constituency, the elderly

US President Barack Obama

Crushed by deficit, Ill. government hones new strategy for overdue bills: don’t pay them.

No IOUs from Ill. government, but no money either

Jimmy Carter hits campaign trail with grandson in race that could return family to politics

Jimmy Carter hits the campaign trail with grandson

Advocates for elderly say Illinois nursing home reforms would make facilities safer

Advocates: Nursing home bill would raise standards

Ukrainian Communists unveil monument to Stalin amid nationalist protest

Ukrainian Communists unveil monument to Stalin

Democrat front-runner wins Fla. US House race, first since health care overhaul passed

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