Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo wins Nobel Peace Prize

Chinese dissident Liu wins Nobel Peace Prize

State Department official: US paving way to take in exiled Cuban political prisoners

US working to accept exiled Cuban prisoners

Roman Catholic cardinal says about 7 political prisoners don’t want to leave island for Spain

Church: 7 jailed dissidents reject leaving Cuba

Myanmar says it’s working for ‘free and fair’ vote, but doesn’t mention prisoners

Myanmar: working for ‘free and fair’ vote

UNITED NATIONS — Myanmar failed to answer international pleas to release detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other political prisoners, telling other nations Tuesday that it is striving to ensure its first elections in two decades are “free and fair.”

Nations say Myanmar must free Suu Kyi, other political prisoners for election to be credible

Nations warn Myanmar to free prisoners

UNITED NATIONS — Foreign ministers from key nations warned Myanmar’s military junta Monday that the release of political prisoners including detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is “essential” for upcoming elections to be seen as credible, the U.N. chief said.

Cuban man who sewed mouth shut in hunger strike to protest DVD confiscation collapses

Cuban man who sewed mouth shut collapses

GUANABACOA, Cuba — A Cuban man who sewed his mouth shut after launching a hunger strike to protest confiscation of electronic devices by customs officials has collapsed and been sent to a hospital, his son said Thursday.

After years of behind-the-scenes diplomacy, Carter enters spotlight with N. Korea release

Carter’s diplomacy helps free American prisoner

Veteran Myanmar politician says small parties have no chance against gov’t-backed group

Veteran Myanmar politician says gov’t party to win

Obama administration may further ease Cuba travel restrictions

The Dalai Lama

Myanmar’s first elections in 20 years to be held Nov 7, military government says

Myanmar junta sets election date for Nov 7

Myanmar’s first election in 2 decades to be held Nov. 7, military government says

Myanmar junta sets election date of Nov. 7

Clinton calls on Iran to release all political prisoners, saying some in danger of execution

Clinton urges Iran to release political prisoners

Cuban activist who staged 134-day hunger strike returns home from hospital

Cuban ex-hunger striker Farinas home from hospital

3 more Cuban political prisoners and family members arrive in Spain

3 new Cuban dissidents arrive in Spain

MADRID — Three more Cuban political prisoners arrived in Spain on Thursday as part of Cuba’s pledge to free 52 dissidents jailed since 2003.

Spain predicts thaw in US, EU relations with Cuba following release of dozens of dissidents

U.S. President Barack Obama joins Martha Coakley
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Spain predicts thaw in US, EU relations with Cuba following prisoner release

Spain predicts thaw in US-Cuba ties

MADRID — Spain’s foreign minister says the release of political prisoners by Cuba will lead to a thaw in U.S. relations with the Communist-run island, including the lifting of the decades-old embargo.

American diplomats tell Cuban dissidents exile in Spain complicates US asylum requests

Cuba dissidents told Spain exile muddles US asylum

Freed Cuban dissidents, angered over alleged lack of legal help, claim Spain misled them

Cuban dissidents claim they were misled by Spain

Spain to take 9 more freed Cuban dissidents accompanied by around 50 relatives

Spain to take 9 more Cuban political prisoners

Freed Cuban prisoners tell of cells with rats, roaches and disease outbreaks

Cuban prisoners say they shared cells with rats

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