Kurdish negotiator says deal is close on pact to keep PM al-Maliki as Iraq leader

Kurd: Deal closer on settling Iraq political limbo

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo wins Nobel Peace Prize

Chinese dissident Liu wins Nobel Peace Prize

Chinese, Afghan activists favorites for Nobel Peace Prize

Chinese, Afghan activists favorites for Nobel

Nobel literature prize a platform for Vargas Llosa’s combative political activism

Nobel a platform for outspoken Vargas Llosa

Chinese dissident, rights activists from Russia, Afghanistan hot candidates Nobel Peace Prize

Chinese dissident hot bet for Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel experts predict low-key peace prize after Obama stunner

Nobel experts predict low-key prize after Obama

Rare poll of Pakistan tribal belt finds opposition to US missile strikes as well as al-Qaida

Poll: US strikes unpopular in Pakistan tribal belt

Ireland hunts thousands of escaped minks; animal rights activists deny opening fur-farm cages

Ireland hunting down thousands of escaped minks

Cuban man who sewed mouth shut in hunger strike to protest DVD confiscation collapses

Cuban man who sewed mouth shut collapses

GUANABACOA, Cuba — A Cuban man who sewed his mouth shut after launching a hunger strike to protest confiscation of electronic devices by customs officials has collapsed and been sent to a hospital, his son said Thursday.

Region of Spain that banned bullfighting approves other treatment of bulls seen as cruel

Spanish area OKs flaming bull festivals

MADRID — Lawmakers who banned bullfighting in Spain’s Catalonia region this summer voted Wednesday to endorse other traditions that have been criticized as cruel to bulls, such as attaching burning sticks to their horns as they chase human thrill seekers.

Spanish bill: Thou shalt not kill bulls, but attaching burning poles to their horns is OK

Spanish area expected to OK flaming bull festivals

5 killed as Indian leaders debate measures to end violence in disputed Kashmir region


4 killed near Kashmir as Indian leaders debate measures to end violence in disputed region

Lee Myung-bak,Manmohan Singh

3 killed in Kashmir protests as Indian leaders debate measures to end violence

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After court victory, gay-rights activists pressing Senate to repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Female, single and over 30 _ Iraqis count one hidden cost of the war

Female, single, over 30: Iraqis count cost of war

Protesters deride French president’s crackdown on Gypsies and new security tack

Thousands protest French crackdown on Gypsies

Animal rights activists claim release of 50,000 minks in northern Greece

Animal rights group claims mass Greek mink release

Beck seeks help restoring traditional American values; Sharpton tries to keep King dream alive

Sarah Palin

Beck: US has ‘wandered in darkness’ too long, Palin praises ‘patriots’; Sharpton honors King

President Barack Obama

Dueling rallies in DC: Beck draw crowds to Lincoln Memorial; Sharpton marches in King’s honor

President Barack Obama, daughter Sasha Obama and wife
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US admits shortcomings in human rights record, vows improvements in report to UN commission

News Pres Obama Healthcare

Malaysia state chief encourages teen marriages, offers financial aid to young couples

Malaysia state chief encourages teen marriages

PM predicts divided Iraq if his critics succeed as Obama outlines end of combat mission

US President Barack Obama

Russia’s President Medvedev tightens security laws, grants more power to KGB successor agency

Olympic judo team

Spain’s Catalonia region bans bullfighting, but rest of country can still say ‘Ole’

A farewell to bullfights in northeastern Spain

US will resume cooperation with Indonesia’s special forces accused of human rights abuses

The Dalai Lama

Rights group: Syria has ‘no freedom’ decade after Assad took power

Rights group says ‘no freedom, no rights’ in Syria

NAACP accuses tea party of tolerating bigotry, passes resolution condemning racism in movement

US President Barack Obama
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Cuban dissident ends four-month hunger strike after gov’t promises to free political prisoners

Cuban dissident gives up 4-month hunger strike

VP Biden arrives in Baghdad for July 4th weekend with troops amid Iraqi government deadlock

VP Biden arrives in Iraq amid political impasse

India’s gay community celebrates anniversary of landmark verdict decriminalizing homosexuality

India gays celebrate 1 year since landmark verdict

Merkel’s candidate wins election as German president, but victory lackluster

Merkel’s candidate wins as German president

Germany’s troubled Merkel facing another test in election for new president

President vote provides test for Germany’s Merkel

CIA’s Panetta says Iran has enough uranium for 2 bombs, would need 2 years to build weapons

CIA’s Panetta: Iran has enough uranium for 2 bombs

Russian gay rights activists detained at St. Petersburg museum after unannounced rally

Gay rights activists detained in St. Petersburg

Israel’s plan to expel Hamas politicians from Jerusalem threatens new crisis over city

Israel to expel Hamas politicians from Jerusalem

Palestinian president criticizes Israeli plan to expel 4 Hamas politicians from Jerusalem

Abbas slams Israeli plan to expel 4 Hamas members

Obama hails progress on gay rights issues, promises to push for more change

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