British author previously convicted of denying Holocaust takes tour group to Treblinka

Controversial British writer visits Holocaust site

German FM condemns lawmaker’s suggestion Poland provoked Nazis before WWII

Minister condemns German lawmaker comment on WWII

Official condemns German lawmaker reported comment that Poland provoked Nazis before WWII

Official condemns German lawmaker comment on WWII

Yad Vashem gains access to Holocaust-era documents in Polish archives

Yad Vashem gets access to Polish archives

WARSAW, Poland — Israel’s Holocaust museum Yad Vashem signed an agreement with Poland on Monday that gives it access to World War II-era documents held in archives across the eastern European country.

Polish president says costs of Afghan war hampering military’s modernization

Polish leader: War costs slow army’s modernization

Poland marks 71st anniversary of Nazi invasion that started World War II

Poland marks 71 years since start of WWII

WARSAW, Poland — Poland is marking the 71st anniversary of Nazi Germany’s invasion, which started World War II.

AP Interview: Walesa says 30 years after Solidarity, more reforms needed in Poland

AP Interview: Walesa says reforms going too slowly

Tired and disillusioned, Lech Walesa shuns Solidarity anniversary sessions

Walesa shuns Solidarity 30th anniversary sessions

Polish military investigates if soldiers in Afghanistan blew up house for fun

Poland probes soldiers over Afghan house explosion

Cross dedicated to Poland’s late president stays put outside palace amid vocal protests

Protesters in Poland block cross from being moved

Rare 3D film shows Warsaw razed to the ground after World War II

Rare 3D film shows Warsaw devastated after WWII

Thousands of gays and lesbians march through Poland’s capital to demand equal rights

Gays march in Poland to demand equal rights

Survivor’s dance raises a question: Can the Holocaust be approached in a spirit of fun?

Dancing, laughing at Auschwitz: who has the right?

Henryk Jankowski, Polish priest who supported Solidarity freedom movement, dies at 73

Poland’s Solidarity priest Jankowski dies at 73

Komorowski’s presidential win strengthens governing party’s hold on Poland, offers challenges

Komorowski win strengthens Polish government

Komorowski’s presidential win strengthens Polish government’s hold on country

Komorowski win strengthens government’s hand

Exit polls in Polish presidential election show Komorowski as likely winner

Exit polls in Polish election give Komorowski edge

On overseas trip, Clinton meets with youths to promote free speech, open societies

US President Barack Obama
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Clinton steps up campaign against governments applying a ’steel vise’ on social activism

Clinton laments a slow ‘crushing’ of civil rights

Hillary Clinton juggles demands of diplomacy, planning for daughter Chelsea’s July wedding

The Dalai Lama

Leading candidate for president wants Poland’s troops out of Afghanistan in 2012

Komorowski: pullout from Afghanistan in 2012

Poland’s prime minister wants NATO to plan its withdrawal from Afghanistan

Poland wants NATO to plan an end to Afghan mission

Exhibition depicting Jewish, Polish fate under Nazi occupation opens in Krakow

Exhibition on Krakow under Nazis opens in Poland

Poland unveils memorial honoring fighters of Warsaw ghetto uprising of 1943

Poland unveils memorial to Warsaw ghetto fighters

Russia posts documents on Internet about World War II massacre of Polish officers at Katyn

Russia posts Katyn massacre documents on Internet

Polish president, wife given emotional farewell

The White House

All flights resume at US air base in Kyrgyzstan critical to NATO campaign in Afghanistan

US air base in Kyrgyzstan resumes all flights

Jewish youths honor Holocaust victims, Polish president killed in plane crash

Jews honor Holocaust victims, Polish officials

Poland, in a state of mourning, awaits repatriation of bodies of president, first lady

Poland waits repatriation of president, first lady

Polish President Plane Crash has no survivors

Statement by President Obama on the death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and those traveling with him

Today, I called Polish Prime Minister Tusk to express Michelle’s and my deepest condolences to the people of Poland on the tragic deaths this morning of President Lech Kaczynski, First Lady Maria Kaczynski, and all who were traveling with them to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Kaczynski family, the loved ones of those killed in this tragic plane crash, and the Polish nation.

President Obama calls Polish prime minister, expresses deepest condolences after crash

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