Oklahoma City Council rejects committing $7 million to help bring Grand Prix race to downtown

Grand Prix proposal rejected in Okla City

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma City Council has rejected a plan that would have committed $7 million in city money to land a Grand Prix race.

James Kilpatrick, syndicated columnist and wordsmith who appeared on ‘60 Minutes,’ dies at 89

Columnist, wordsmith James Kilpatrick dies at 89

Remains of soldiers from Oklahoma, Nebraska identified, will be returned from Vietnam

Remains identified as missing Vietnam War soldiers

1995 Oklahoma City bomber says he was force fed twice to end hunger strikes at Colorado prison

Oklahoma City bomber says he was force fed

Democrats, GOP select women as nominees, ensuring Oklahoma will have its first female governor

Women to head GOP, Democratic tickets in Oklahoma

Oklahoma polls close as governor’s race throws open seats and promises to lead to shake up

Okla. voters looking at crowded primary ballot

‘Do not vote for my dad!’: Daughter of Okla. judicial candidate launches last-minute attack ad

Daughter urges Okla. voters to not vote for father

Mayors group meeting in Oklahoma City passes resolution condemning Arizona immigration law

Mayors group condemns Arizona immigration law

Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius promotes anti-childhood obesity plan to mayors

Sebelius stumps for anti-childhood obesity plan

Okla. Legislature overrides veto of abortion bill requiring lengthy questionnaires beforehand

Okla. Legislature overrides another abortion veto

Attorneys agree to temporary block on enforcement of new Oklahoma abortion law

Attorneys agree to block on Oklahoma abortion law

Okla. lawmakers want new illegal immigration law similar to controversial Ariz. measure

Okla. lawmakers want tougher immigration law

Okla. lawmakers push constitutional limits on taxpayers’ dime, despite shaky state finances

Oklahoma pushes legal limits on taxpayers’ dime

Oklahoma Senate overrides governor’s veto of abortion restrictions, making them law

Okla. Senate overrides abortion restriction vetoes

Okla. House overrides vetoes of abortion restriction measures, Senate expected to follow suit

Okla. House overrides abortion restrictions vetoes

Okla. governor vetoes 2 abortion bills including 1 mandating invasive ultrasound in many cases

Okla. governor vetoes 2 abortion bills

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma’s governor has vetoed two abortion bills that he says has flaws, including no exemption for rape and incest victims.

Okla. Senate OKs 5 abortion bills, including 1 mandating invasive ultrasound in many cases

Okla. lawmakers approve restrictive abortion bills

Amid heated rhetoric, Clinton says words matter, alludes to Oklahoma City bombing

U.S. President Barack Obama joins Martha Coakley
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Okla. lawmaker, gubernatorial candidate disavows support for state ‘militia’ to fend off feds

Okla. lawmaker disavows ‘militia’ comments

Okla. GOP gov. candidate backs off anti-federal government tone in supporting state militia

Okla. lawmaker changes tone of militia support

Okla. tea party leaders and legislators envision militia designed to fight federal mandates

Okla. tea parties and lawmakers envision militia

Tea party leaders, lawmakers envision new militia to defend Oklahoma from federal mandates

Okla. tea party leaders, lawmakers eye militia

Thousands to honor Cherokee Nation Chief Wilma Mankiller, who gave ‘her all for her people’

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