Arabs give US another month to resolve impasse over Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

US gets another month to revive Mideast talks

Arab ministers back Palestinian decision to stop talks with Israel over settlement issue

Arabs back Palestinian decision to stop talks

Diplomats: some Arabs want Abbas to return to indirect talks to avoid collapse of peace talks

Diplomats: Arabs want return to indirect talks

US presses Arab nations to back Israeli-Palestinian peace talks despite settlement dispute

US seeks Arab support on Mideast peace talks

Southern Sudan could hold secession vote on its own if north doesn’t cooperate, officials warn

S.Sudan could snub north, hold own freedom vote

UN Security Council greeted by anti-American protesters in visit to Sudan

UN Sec. Council greeted by anti-US chants in Sudan

Uganda’s president offers more troops for peacekeeping missions in Somalia if money given

Uganda offers more peacekeeping troops for Somalia

Aircraft cuts, Sudan war worries cloud UN Security Council mission

Aircraft cuts, Sudan worries cloud UN council trip

Bill Clinton says Mideast peace deal would deprive terrorists of recruiting tool

Bill Clinton: Mideast peace would undercut terror

South Sudan official says important January independence vote will be on time

South Sudan official says vote will happen on time

Egyptian journalists say government cracking down on media critical of authorities

Egypt’s journalists accuse government of crackdown

Journalists condemn shutdown of 2 popular Egyptian talk shows

Egypt’s journalists decry media crackdown

CAIRO — Egypt’s Journalists’ Union has accused the government of cracking down on the press after the closing of two popular talk shows ahead of parliamentary elections.

Egypt, Jordan back Palestinian refusal to negotiate as long as Israel builds settlements

Egypt, Jordan back Palestinians on settlements

Libya releases South Korean pastor after president’s brother meets with Gadhafi, SKorea says

SKorea: Libya releases South Korean pastor

Senior Palestinians close ranks behind Abbas: No peace talks without Israeli settlement freeze

Palestinians back Abbas on settlement slowdown

US ’surge’ increases focus on Southern Sudan before vote, but visas, space hamper new arrivals

US ’surge’ increases focus on S. Sudan before vote

Sudan calls for international community to monitor independence referendum

Sudan calls for world to monitor referendum

Ahmed Maher, Egypt’s former foreign minister known for low-key diplomacy, dies at 75

Former Egyptian foreign minister dies at 75

Sudanese officials seek world support as critical independence referendum nears

Sudan seeks global support as vote nears

UNITED NATIONS — Sudanese officials are asking world leaders including President Barack Obama to provide the international support needed to maintain peace as they near a critical independence referendum on south Sudan that could split Africa’s largest country in two.

African Union asks Security Council to delay genocide prosecution of Sudan’s president

Africans ask UN to delay al-Bashir prosecution

Sudanese diplomats scuffle at Iranian delegation hotel during UN General Assembly

Sudanese diplomats scuffle at Iranian NYC event

Obama looks to avert renewed conflict in Sudan, try to ease tensions in South China Sea

Obama, at UN, eyes Sudan, Southeast Asia tensions

Kenya’s president: Key leaders say south Sudan independence referendum will be held in January

Kenya’s Kibaki expects south Sudan vote in January

UN session urges US, others to ratify and clear way for treaty banning nuclear tests

UN session urges US, others to back nuke test pact

Along tense Sudan border, UN military observers see less cooperation before independence vote

Along tense Sudan border, UN sees less cooperation

Clinton presses Sudan government to speed up preparations for independence vote by south

Clinton pushes Sudan on referendum

NEW YORK — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is urging Sudanese authorities to make up for lost time in preparing for an independence referendum early next year for the Southern Sudan.

Newspaper says doctored photo of Egyptian president leading Mideast talks was an illustration

Barack Obama
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Israelis urged to soften stand on West Bank settlement building to keep peace talks going

The Dalai Lama
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Egypt to Israel: Keep settlement construction slowdown in place 3 more months

Egypt to Israel: Curb construction for 3 months

In Mideast peace efforts, symbolism can be just as important as substance

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Egypt’s youth look to civil disobedience and nonviolence to build new opposition movement

Egypt’s youth build new opposition movement

As leaders talk peace, Israeli jets retaliate for Gaza mortar fire with airstrike killing 1

The White House

As leaders talk peace, Israeli aircraft retaliate for Gaza mortar fire with airstrike; 1 dead

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