Dutch court rejects exiled separatists’ demand to have Indonesian president arrested

Bid to have Indonesian president arrested fails

Police and protesters clash in Amsterdam after tolerant policy toward squatting is ended

Violent protests after Dutch outlaw squatting

Dutch tradition of “squatting” in empty homes now illegal, ending another pillar of tolerance

Hands off my house: Dutch outlaw squatting

Israeli museum gives Swiss artist’s drawing seized by Nazis to Jewish charity in Britain

Israel passes Nazi-seized drawing to owner’s heir

Dutch right-wing parties reach agreement on minority government supported by anti-Islam group

Rightist Dutch parties agree on minority coalition

International Criminal Court to start prosecutions in Kenya’s postelection violence

Int’l court to launch cases in Kenya violence

Parties look for coalition after tight outcome in St. Maarten’s 1st parliament vote

Tight outcome in St. Maarten’s 1st parliament vote

St. Maarten holds historic election as Dutch territory prepares to become country

St. Maarten voters celebrate historic election

Micky Burn, British writer and WWII hero who regretted flirting with fascism, dies at 97

British writer and commando Micky Burn dies at 97

Russia dismisses Georgian claims of ethnic cleansing, asks UN court to throw out case

U.S. President Barack Obama
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Dutch prosecution to AP: Yemenis being held in terror probe likely to be released

Dutch prosecutors say Yemenis likely to be freed

AP source: 2 passengers on Chicago-Amsterdam flight questioned over suspicious luggage

AP source: Suspicious luggage sparks questioning

Chestnut tree that cheered Anne Frank while in hiding from Nazis topples over; no one injured

Tree behind Anne Frank House falls over

AMSTERDAM — The Anne Frank Museum says the monumental chestnut tree that cheered the teenage diarist while she was in hiding from the Nazis has toppled over.

Anti-Islam lawmaker’s hopes of becoming a Dutch Cabinet minister evaporate

Anti-Islam lawmaker not part of Dutch government

International Criminal Court appeals judges say Congolese warlord must remain in custody

Int’l court says Congo warlord must stay in jail

Kosovo wins victory as UN court calls independence declaration legal, rejects Serbia’s claim

World court says Kosovo’s independence is legal

World court rejects Serbian claim, says Kosovo’s 2008 independence did not break int’l law

World court: Kosovo’s independence was legal

World court to issue nonbinding opinion on legality of Kosovo’s 2008 independence declaration

World court to rule on Kosovo independence

Thousands of gays and lesbians march through Poland’s capital to demand equal rights

Gays march in Poland to demand equal rights

International Criminal Court orders Congolese war crimes suspect freed, prosecutors to appeal

Court orders Congolese war crimes suspect freed

Venezuela says Dutch plane violated airspace, warns Netherlands relations may suffer

Venezuela alleges Dutch violation of airspace

International Criminal Court charges Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir with genocide in Darfur

Int’l Court charges Sudan president with genocide

Pillar of Shame: Memorial of 16,000 shoes blames U.N for not preventing Srebrenica massacre

Srebrenica massacre memorial to point finger at UN

Pillar of Shame: Memorial of 16,000 worn shoes blames U.N for Srebrenica failures

Srebrenica memorial to point finger at UN

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Phillip Ruch’s monument to Srebrenica is a huge jumble of worn shoes, more than 16,000 of them, each pair representing a victim of Europe’s worst massacre since World War II.

Anne Frank’s diary is published as a graphic novel to teach teens of Holocaust victim’s life

Anne Frank story published as graphic novel

Australia could start withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan in 2 years: defense minister

US President Barack Obama

Dutch politician Rutte visits queen after election, wants to be prime minister

Dutch election winner visits queen before talks

Exit poll in Dutch election says pro-business VVD party and Labor tie, far right advances

Netherlands exit poll: Pro-business, Labor in tie

Preliminary exit poll in Dutch election says pro-business VVD party and Labor tie as top party

Pro-business, Labor tie in exit poll

AMSTERDAM — A preliminary exit poll in Dutch election says the pro-business VVD party and Labor finished in a dead heat as the largest parties, dealing a blow to the ruling party and giving a far-right party its best showing ever.

Britain’s government decides that foreign spouses of citizens must have basic English

Britain’s new romance language is English

LONDON — Love may have its own language — but that’s not good enough for the British government.

International Court states to discuss how to prosecute illegal attacks by one state on another

Int’l Court nations to ponder crimes of aggression

International Criminal Court reports Sudan to Security Council for lack of cooperation

Intn’l court reports Sudan to UN

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — The International Criminal Court has reported Sudan to the U.N. Security Council for refusing to arrest a government minister and a militia leader suspected of war crimes in Darfur.

International Criminal Court reports Sudan to UN for failure to arrest war crimes suspects

Intn’l court reports Sudan to UN Security Council

Insurgents launch ground assault against NATO’s main base in southern Afghanistan

Insurgents attack NATO’s southern Afghan base

In speech to graduating cadets, Obama says US needs allies standing resolute in Afghanistan

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