Obama’s national security adviser resigning: Marine Gen. Jones leaves, aide Donilon takes over

National security shuffle: Jones out, Donilon in

Obama announces resignation of national security adviser James Jones; Donilon to replace him

Jones resigns as NSC chief, Donilon next director

AP sources: Jones stepping down as Obama’s national security adviser; Donilon to replace him

AP sources: National security adviser resigning

Obama administration immigrant removals total 392,000; agency says about half were criminals

Homeland Security touts record criminal removals

Supreme Court says NSA doesn’t have to say whether it has warrentless wiretapping records

Court: NSA doesn’t have to say if it has records

Former Homeland Security Sec’y Chertoff: Tourists should identify exit strategy, just in case

Travel advice from former homeland security chief

Supreme Court to hear contractors’ appeal in lengthy fight over Navy’s canceled A-12 airplane

High court enters legal fight over Navy plane

Pa. State Police says homeland security alerts caused problems, waste of resources

Pa. State Police says bulletins caused headaches

Ford administration mulled a muscular response ‘violently’ to 1975 capture of US ship Mayaguez

In Mayaguez incident, US considered its prestige

Ford administration mulled responding ‘violently’ to capture of US ship Mayaguez in 1975

In 1975 incident, officials considered US prestige

In responding to Mayaguez seizure, US sought to protect prestige following Vietnam debacle

Response to ‘75 ship crisis focused on US prestige

‘Deeply embarrassed’ Pa. gov. shuts down intelligence reports on peaceful protesters

‘Appalled’ Pa. gov. halts reports on protesters

Emanuel’s exit could start wave of change, help White House set new course

President Barack Obama
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Appeals court agrees with government, says ‘extraordinary rendition’ suit would reveal secrets

Barack Obama

Nevada Test Site north of Las Vegas gets new name: Nevada National Security Site, or N2S2

Nevada Test Site gets new name _ N2S2

LAS VEGAS — The Nevada Test Site, epicenter of the nuclear age for decades, now has a new name to reflect the diversity of activities at the desert expanse north of Las Vegas.

Obama satisfied in military briefing that US combat role in Iraq can end Aug. 31 as planned

President Barack Obama
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Clinton predicts Republicans will provide enough votes for arms treaty to ensure ratification

Barack Obama (Waxwork)

Letitia Long to become first woman in charge of a major US intelligence agency

First woman to head major US intelligence agency

AP IMPACT: Homeland Security sent freedom of information requests through political filter

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan
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Senate to question James Clapper on how he’d fix national intelligence as its director

President Barack Obama

Obama sending 1,200 Guard troops to help secure border against smugglers, illegal immigration

President Barack Obama
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Report: Federal prosecution of immigrants soared over 2 months in spring

Federal prosecution of immigrants soared in spring

Team: Passport dispute may keep Iroquois from championship of lacrosse, a sport they invented

US rule could keep Iroquois from lacrosse tourney

Officials say Obama administration sending 524 National Guard soldiers to Ariz.-Mexico border

President Barack Obama, daughter Sasha Obama and wife
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Homeland Security to use unmanned surveillance aircraft along US-Mexico border

Homeland Security to use drones along border

Text of Obama’s remarks on resignation of Gen. McChrystal

The White House

Top general in Afghan war finds his job on the line after complaining about Obama, colleagues

US general in Afghan war at risk of losing his job

Federal nuclear officials discuss plant contract reforms in Amarillo

Nuclear Security officials discuss contracts

Obama’s new national security strategy preserves US military advantage, prizes alternatives

President  Barack Obam
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US deports 31 men to Iraq, Lebanon, Cape Verde; 4 of ‘national security interest’

US deports 4 men of ‘national security interest’

Obama’s new national security strategy emphasizes global cooperation, in contrast to Bush

Obama’s new security goals prize nonmilitary moves

Obama to discuss Afghanistan and Pakistan with national security team

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