Moroccan protesters agree to suspend blockade of Spanish enclave

Morocco border blockade of Spain enclave suspended

Moroccan protesters block goods from entering Spanish enclave of Melilla

Moroccan protesters block Spanish enclave border

Spain says Moroccan demonstrators blockading border with Spanish enclave over police incident

Spain says Moroccan demonstators blockade enclave

British government discloses secret documents on ex-Guantanamo detainee’s treatment

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Guinea’s junta says leader must be allowed to return, contradicting second-in-charge

Guinea’s military junta says leader must return

A step closer to Guinea, wounded leader seen as danger to return to civilian rule

After move closer to Guinea, leader seen as danger

Guinea’s wounded coup leader travels to Burkina Faso on surprise visit, official says

Guinea’s wounded leader travels to Burkina Faso

Guinea’s wounded coup leader arrives in Burkina Faso on surprise visit

Guinea’s wounded leader arrives in Burkina Faso

Official: Life of Guinea’s wounded junta chief is ‘not in danger’

Official: Guinea junta chief’s life not in danger

French foreign minister: Guinea could face civil war if wounded junta leader returns

France: War possible in Guinea if Camara returns

Guinea’s No. 2 to travel to Morocco to check health of wounded junta leader, diplomat says

Guinea’s No. 2 to visit wounded leader in Morocco

Guinea’s military junta’s No. 2 makes first public speech since leader’s wounding last week

Guinea’s junta’s No. 2 makes first public speech

No. 2 of Guinea’s military junta makes first public speech since leader was seriously wounded

No. 2 of Guinea’s junta makes first public speech

Guinea’s junta suspends negotiations on political crisis pending return of wounded leader

Guinea’s junta suspends political negotiations

Commando units loyal to wounded junta leader arrest civilians in Guinea

Commando units arrest civilians in Guinea

CONAKRY, Guinea — Commando units loyal to the wounded leader of Guinea’s military junta swept through neighborhoods near the capital on Monday, arresting civilians believed to have ties with the renegade soldier that tried to assassinate their leader.

Guinea minister says hospitalized president is awake, speaking, and mentally sound

Guinea FM says president awake and mentally alert

Guinea’s wounded coup leader, hospitalized in Morocco, cannot speak, return home delayed

Wounded Guinea junta leader unable to speak

Shooting rings out from near Guinea barracks

Shots fired near Guinea barracks

CONAKRY, Guinea — Residents say that the sound of gunfire rang out from an area of the Guinean capital flanking the barracks of the country’s presidential guard.

West African bloc calls for civilian rule in Guinea as junta’s No. 2 takes control

West Africa bloc calls for civilian rule in Guinea

Guinea’s leader flown to Morocco for medical treatment following assassination attempt

Guinea’s wounded president flown to Morocco

Retired diplomat says Guinea’s wounded leader has been evacuated to Morocco on medical plane

Guinea’s wounded leader being medically evacuated

Hunger-striking Western Sahara activist very weak, furious with Spanish government

Sahara activist reported weak from hunger strike

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