Lewis-McChord officer recommends court martial for Alaska soldier accused in Afghan killings

Army officer recommends trial in Afghan killings

Coast Guard: 3 crew members will be court-martialed after CA crash killed boy

Coast Guard: Crew to be tried in deadly CA crash

Protesters, crowds outside Supreme Court awaiting case over picketing at military funerals

Crowds, protesters at high court for speech case

Supreme Court weighs whether right to free speech covers protests at soldiers’ funerals

High court to hear military funeral protest case

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi fights for legal existence of her disbanded party

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi sues to keep her party intact

Supreme Court to hear contractors’ appeal in lengthy fight over Navy’s canceled A-12 airplane

High court enters legal fight over Navy plane

Navy confirm helicopters dipped into Lake Tahoe during hover maneuver; investigation under way

Navy confirms helicopters took dip in Lake Tahoe

Federal judge in Washington state orders lesbian flight nurse reinstated to Air Force

Judge orders lesbian reinstated to Air Force

Feds: Court should not issue ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ injunction, leave issue to Congress

‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ injunction now up to judge

Feds object to injunction on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ being considered by federal judge

Feds object to ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ injunction

Trial concludes in case of Wash. lesbian seeking Air Force reinstatement; judge to rule Friday

Judge to rule Friday on Witt’s return to Air Force

Lesbian suing for reinstatement to Air Force takes witness stand at federal trial in Wash.

Lesbian seeking return to Air Force testifies

Obama to Hispanics: Don’t forget who is standing with you, who stands against you

President Barack Obama

Arlington National Cemetery discovers 2 servicemembers have been buried in wrong graves

Arlington opens graves, finds 2 misplaced bodies

Arlington National Cemetery discovers 3 servicemembers have been buried in wrong graves

Arlington opens graves, finds 3 misplaced bodies

Turkey: calls grow for trial of 1980 coup leaders after referendum on constitutional reform

Turkey: scrutiny falls on coup leaders

ISTANBUL — A Turkish lawmaker demanded Wednesday that the leaders of a 1980 military coup be brought to trial, following approval of constitutional amendments that lifted their immunity.

Defense in Haditha case alleges Marine Corps unfairly kept prosecution team on active duty

Defense: Marine Corps helped Haditha prosecution

Military judge grants defense lawyer’s request to leave Haditha case, citing ethical conflict

Marine’s defense lawyer excused from Haditha case’

Turkish voters approve changes to constitution crafted after 1980 military coup

In referendum, Turks reject military-era laws

Lesbian flight nurse seeks reinstatement to Air Force Reserve following ‘don’t ask’ dismissal

Lesbian seeks reinstatement to Air Force in trial

Key issues in Turkey’s referendum on a package of proposed constitutional amendments

Key issues in Turkey’s referendum on amendments

Turkey votes in referendum on changes to constitution crafted after 1980 military coup

Turkey votes in referendum to amend constitution

Dispute over ‘classified’ material delays Afghan war memoir by ex-Army intelligence officer

Afghan war book delayed over ‘classified’ material

Fed. judge: Military’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy violates 1st Amendment rights of gays

US President Barack Obama
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Former Argentine military officer fights extradition from US over 1972 massacre

Ex-Argentine officer fights extradition from US

Manning’s top lawyer in WikiLeaks case defended Muslim soldier facing execution for murders

Manning chooses civilian lawyer in WikiLeaks case

Marine’s defense to seek dismissal of Haditha killings case because of loss of military lawyer

Marine’s defense to seek dismissal of Haditha case

Sri Lanka’s ex-army chief rejects court martial verdict, calls government ‘total dictatorship’

Ex-army chief calls Sri Lanka a ‘dictatorship’

Sri Lankan president approves former army chief’s dishonorable discharge

Sri Lankan president OKs ex-army chief’s discharge

Polish military investigates if soldiers in Afghanistan blew up house for fun

Poland probes soldiers over Afghan house explosion

Govt: Military court convicts former Sri Lanka army chief Fonseka, strips him of military rank

Sri Lankan military court convicts ex-army chief

Israel army chief says more force needed for ship raid and activists fired first

Israeli army: More force was needed for ship raid

Israel army chief says Turkish activists on flotilla fired their weapons first in deadly raid

Israeli army chief: Turkish activists had firearms

Israel army chief says military underestimated threat of violence in Turkish flotilla raid

Israel army chief testifies before flotilla panel

Testifying at raid inquiry, Israeli defense chief opposed questioning of combat soldiers

Israel defense minister opposes soldiers’ grilling

Israel threatens to quit Gaza flotilla probe after UN chief says soldiers could be questioned

Israel threatening to quit UN probe into flotilla

Air Force orders court-martial for Ohio chief master sgt. accused of sexual harassment

Sgt. faces court-martial for Ohio sex allegations

Air Force orders court martial for Ohio chief master sgt. accused of sexual harassment

Chief master sgt. in Ohio to face court martial

Former Army agent says he alerted authorities about alleged leaker of classified documents

Former agent alerted authorities in WikiLeaks case

Military defense lawyer asks US Supreme Court to halt trial for Guantanamo’s youngest detainee

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