US apologizes to Guatemala for 1940s study that infected prisoners with syphilis

US apologizes for ’40s syphilis study in Guatemala

Scottish study: Smoking bans help curb number of children hospitalized for asthma

Smoking bans help curb kids’ severe asthma attacks

Forbidden Fruit: New study finds bacteria, chemicals often contaminate Bangkok street fruit

Study: Bangkok street fruit often contaminated

Scientists say evidence links head injuries in athletes to disease that mimics Lou Gehrig’s

Scientists: Link between ALS, head injuries

Overdiagnosed: Some cancers found too early are posing a dilemma in choosing best treatment

Overtreating earliest cancers _ but which ones?

Federal study finds lax infection control at same-day surgery centers in 3 states

Study: Lax infection control at surgery centers

Study: Fewer kids may be dying than experts previously thought, but progress still slow

Study: fewer kids dying than previously thought

Bigger hospitals do better job at treating heart problems, pneumonia, study suggests

Bigger hospitals may treat some conditions better

Calif. worker safety board to study mandating condoms for porn actors to curb spread of STDs

Calif. board to study requiring condoms in porn

Stroke study finds neck stents as good as surgery for fixing narrowed arteries

Stroke study finds neck stents safe, effective

Brain scans reveal awareness in some vegetative brains, allow communication, study suggests

Study: Vegetative brains show signs of awareness

Review of data from Darfur conflict shows 80 percent of deaths caused by disease, not violence

Study shows most deaths in Darfur war from disease

Study finds UNICEF program in Africa fails to save more children

Study finds UNICEF program in West Africa fails

Pressed by Congress, ex-chair of NFL concussion panel denies certain link to brain disease

Ex-chair of NFL brain panel denies link to disease

U. of Michigan stem cell researchers moving forward but fearful of proposed legislation

Stem cell researchers watching legislative moves

Medco and Coventry say they will research ways to reduce hospital trips for Medicare patients

Medco and Coventry plan preventive care study

University of Nebraska regents vote not to further restrict embryonic stem-cell research rules

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