Israeli museum gives Swiss artist’s drawing seized by Nazis to Jewish charity in Britain

Israel passes Nazi-seized drawing to owner’s heir

Exhibit shows museum visitors the real George Washington, dentures and all

Exhibit shows the real George Washington

RALEIGH, N.C. — There’s the George Washington made famous in the Gilbert Stuart portrait found in many elementary schools and, in engraved fashion, on the $1-dollar bill: a severe man, whose severity is accentuated by thin, taut lips.

In Philadelphia exhibit, 100 years of warfare through the eyes of US soldiers who were there

Pa. art exhibit shows war through soldiers’ eyes

Cyrus the Great artifact to go on display in Iran after tussle with British Museum

Cyrus the Great artifact to be displayed in Iran

Nebraska using foreign-language Web pages to market its off-the-interstate highlights

Nebraska offers foreign-language tourism Web pages

ArtPrize show and contest back in Grand Rapids Sept. 22-Oct. 10 after crowded ‘09 debut

Grand Rapids, Mich., awaits ArtPrize crowds

Military: there was no hint that Enright couldn’t handle exposure to Afghan battlefield

Slashing suspect traveled with Marines for weeks

Schiele painting stolen by Nazis from Jewish Austrian is returned to Vienna

Schiele art back in Austria after ownership feud

Obama, daughters head to bookstore at start of Martha’s Vineyard vacation

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Sacred artifacts returned to Northern Calif tribe in major repatriation

Sacred artifacts returned to Northern Calif. tribe

Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle plans to visit China in final months of office to promote tourism

Hawaii gov. plans China trip to promote tourism

Boardwalk game in ‘Jersey Shore’ town features Obama, bin Laden, Saddam as targets

President Barack Obama

Hungarian art restitution case puts focus on disputed policies across former Soviet bloc

Eastern Europe under spotlight on art restitution

Utah tourism bureau issues new travel guide for visitors

Utah issues new travel guide for visitors

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Office of Tourism has released the 2010-2011 Utah Travel Guide to help visitors with vacation plans.

12-year dispute over ‘Portrait of Wally’ ends with acknowledgement it was stolen by Nazi agent

NY stolen art fight ends in $19 million settlement

Commission recommends return of 4 paintings owned by Austrian foundation

Austrian panel recommends return of 4 works

For much-maligned “Silent Cal” Coolidge: A July 4 birthday, a new museum and new respect

Calvin Coolidge, born July 4: Hero to tea partiers

Collector Charles Saatchi to donate 200 artworks and his modern art gallery to Britain

Saatchi donates 200 artworks, gallery to UK

Collector Charles Saatchi to donate 200 artworks to British nation for new modern art gallery

Saatchi’s gift to UK: 200 artworks and a gallery

Future of raves at LA Coliseum in doubt after mayhem, drugs at weekend event

Future of raves at LA Coliseum in doubt

LOS ANGELES — The future of raves at the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is in doubt after a 15-year-old girl died of a suspected drug overdose and scores of people were injured at a weekend party that drew a crowd of 185,000.

LA Coliseum puts halt to raves after mayhem, drugs at weekend event

LA Coliseum puts halt to raves after teen overdose

Russian gay rights activists detained at St. Petersburg museum after unannounced rally

Gay rights activists detained in St. Petersburg

From Copacabana beach to Korean Buddhist temples to Serbian cafes, fans revel in World Cup

Work is skipped, parties abound during World Cup

Hotel workers at Disneyland resort in Anaheim walk out in 2-year-old labor dispute

Disney hotel workers walk off jobs in protest

49ers move closer to leaving San Francisco after vote for new stadium in Santa Clara

Vote moves 49ers closer to leaving San Francisco

Tourists mesmerized by spectacular lava flows in Guatemala disregard warnings after explosion

Guatemala warns tourists hypnotized by lava flows

Arts endowment program allows military families to tour 600 US museums for free this summer

600 museums offer military families free admission

A confident Hezbollah promotes itself through ‘jihadi tourism’ in its strongholds

Hezbollah promotes itself through ‘jihadi tourism’

South Africa: Tour of 3 townships shows visitors another side of Cape Town

Tours of the township side of South Africa

Not feeling the love: County groups say cuts in ‘I Love NY’ funds hurt local tourism efforts

Tourism groups bemoan cuts in ‘I Love NY’ funds

In Germany, a new museum brings to forefront the Third Reich’s ‘center of evil’ in Berlin

A new view onto the Third Reich ‘center of evil’

Anne Frank’s full diary on display in Amsterdam for museum’s 50 years at her WWII hiding place

Anne Frank’s full diary on display in Amsterdam

Protesters stage funeral procession following bloody weekend clashes

Protesters stage funeral procession

BANGKOK — Anti-government protesters paraded coffins through the Thai capital Monday following a weekend of savage street fighting that left 21 killed and fears of further violence unless the activists and government reach a political compromise.

Protesters reject new talks after clashes in Bangkok kill 20, including Japanese journalist

Thai protesters reject talks after deadly clashes

Pink Everest: Nepal, in late-blooming sexual revolution, beckons the gay tourism market

Pink Everest: Nepal appeals for gay tourists

Group Friends of Animals calls for tourism boycott of Alaska over wolf decision

Animal rights’ group urges Alaska tourism boycott

Thailand offers free insurance, lifts visa fees to entice tourists wary of political turmoil

Thailand offers tourists free insurance

BANGKOK — Thailand is continuing to offer insurance coverage worth $10,000 to anyone harmed in riots and demonstrations as it seeks to attract tourists scared off by political turmoil, officials say.

AP Top News at 8:54 p.m. EST

AP Top News at 8:54 p.m. EST

Chile quake death toll hits 708 as rescue ramps up

Congress passes bill to promote US as a destination for international tourists

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