Judge: Army Corps’ failure to maintain navigation channel led to massive flooding by Katrina

Judge: Corps’ negligence caused Katrina flooding

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  • Andrea10TV Judge rules Army Corps of Engingeers responsible for disaster in New Orleans from Katrina. Could open floodgates to billions in lawsuits.
  • mvcheech Cory Doctorow: Viacom's top lawyer thinks lawsuits were "terrorism" - but he's learned nothing from the experience https://bit.ly/4DSqP0
  • _beatlesnews_ Reform proposals...Fort Hood review...Katrina lawsuits prevail - 9&10 News https://bit.ly/1jMmsI #beatles
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  • ShanghaiNathan Gianetti v. Norwalk - Dr. Gianetti has been involved in over 200 lawsuits over the past 20 years
  • jazyladi Lawsuits in 5... RT @msnbc: BREAKING NEWS: Judge rules Army Corps' failure to maintain channel led to Katrina flooding https://bit.ly/3ieuwr
  • edtheplumber Crap! Here comes lawsuits! RT @BreakingNews: NBC News: Judge rules Corps of Engineers' failure to maintain channel led to Katrina flooding.
  • barkway Wow! Big news....judge finds for ppl of New Orleans against Army Corps of Engineers! How much will THAT cost in lawsuits & accountability?
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