Britain’s opposition Labour Party elects Ed Miliband as new leader in close run vote

Ed Miliband elected new leader of UK Labour Party

Ten things you didn’t know about David Cameron

London, May 12 (ANI): Here are ten facts about the new Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, who has links to royalty and relatives in Labour Party.

UK Labour leaders say talks unraveling with Liberal Democrats; Conservatives wait in the wings

Talks unravel in Britain between Labour

LONDON — Senior Labour officials said talks with the third-place Liberal Democrats on forming Britain’s next government had unraveled Tuesday - raising the prospect that Conservative leader David Cameron could soon become the country’s new prime minister.

Labour, Liberal Democrats work feverishly to seal deal

LONDON - Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg vowed Tuesday to act quickly after Labour leader and Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s dramatic decision to step down brought them back to the drawing board in an effort to sew up the next government in Britain.

Nick Clegg, Britain’s kingmaker, faces choice between head and heart as he ponders coalition

UK’s Nick Clegg faces agonizing coalition choice

Brown offers to go if government is formed with Liberals

LONDON - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Monday offered to step down as Labour Party leader if current efforts to build a new government with the Liberal Democrats were to succeed.

Gordon Brown to resign as British prime minister in bid to keep defeated party in power

With government at stake, UK’s Brown to resign

UK PM Gordon Brown to resign so his Labour party can seek coalition with Liberal Democrats

UK’s Gordon Brown to resign as prime minister

Gordon Brown will resign if pact with Liberals is made

LONDON - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Monday he would step down later this year if efforts to form a government with the Liberal Democrats succeed.

UK leader Gordon Brown in formal talks with Liberal Democrats, raises prospect of resignation

UK’s Gordon Brown raises prospect of quitting

Hung parliament in Britain, parties hunt for numbers (Third Lead)

LONDON - Britain was saddled Friday with its first hung parliament since 1974 after a bitterly fought election stripped the Labour of its governing majority but left the Conservatives short of the numbers to take power on its own, forcing them to desperately hunt for allies.

Labour’s Gordon Brown makes bid to remain British prime minister after unresolved election

Brown makes bid to remain British prime minister

15 bills passed by parliament in budget session

NEW DELHI - The financial agenda of the government dominated the budget session of parliament which concluded Friday with 15 bills passed by both houses including a legislation to set up green courts in the country.

Hung parliament in Britain sparks intense power struggle (Evening Lead)

LONDON - Britain headed Friday to its first hung parliament since 1974 after the Labour lost its parliamentary majority and the Conservatives struggled to cross the half-way mark, leaving the Liberal Democrats to play the crucial kingmaker’s role.

Clegg says Conservatives should get chance to form UK gov’t; top 2 parties locked in standoff

Clegg: Tories should have chance to form UK gov’t

Indian candidates shine, fade in British polls

LONDON - At least three Indian origin candidates, including veteran Keith Vaz, wrested victory in the closely contested British general election polls while some of their Labour colleagues bit the dust.

Marsha Singh wins in Bradford West, Dhanda loses in Gloucester

LONDON - Marsha Singh, a Labour candidate of Indian origin, romped home in Bradford West constituency while sitting MP and Labour candidate Parmjit Dhanda failed to retain his Gloucester seat in the British general elections.

Virendra Sharma wins in Ealing Southall

LONDON - Indian origin Labour candidate Virendra Sharma, formerly a bus conductor, Friday retained the Ealing Southall constituency in the British general election.

Indian origin candidate who called Brown worst PM loses

LONDON - Indian origin Labour candidate Manish Sood, who called his Labour party leader Gordon Brown “the worst prime minister”, has lost badly in the Norfolk North West constituency in Britain.

Miliband may take over from Brown: Report

LONDON - With the Labour party suffering heavy electoral losses, Foreign Secretary David Miliband was set to challenge Prime Minister Gordon Brown for the party leadership, a report said Friday.

Gordon Brown enjoys lamb stew before count began

LONDON - Labour leader Gordon Brown, who is hoping to retain power, had lamb stew with his wife Sarah before leaving for the count.

It is my duty to lead Britain: Brown

LONDON - Labour leader Gordon Brown Friday expressed confidence in staying on in No.10 Downing Street as prime minister despite a cliffhanger election and said it was his “duty to the country” to play his part in having “a strong, stable and principled government”.

Keith Vaz wins in British polls

LONDON - Indian-origin MP Keith Vaz held the Leicester East constituency for the Labour party in the British general election.

Labour woos Liberal Democrats in bid to retain power

LONDON - Labour seemed to be reaching out to the Liberal Democrats in an apparent last ditch bid to retain power with a senior Labour leader saying he has “no problem in principle in trying to supply this country with a strong and stable government”.

Britain’s top 2 parties _ Labour and the Conservatives _ locked in election standoff

UK’s top 2 parties locked in election standoff

Britain heads for hung parliament (Second Lead)

LONDON - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made a bold bid to cling to power early Friday even though the opposition Conservatives could emerge as the biggest party from the general election, according to exit polls.

Labour has lost mandate to govern: David Cameron

LONDON - Conservative leader David Cameron Friday morning asked Gordon Brown to vacate No.10 Downing Street as Labour “had clearly lost its mandate to govern”.

British PM Brown hints he might form coalition govt; Conservatives projected to win most seats

UK’s Brown might attempt to form coalition govt

Brown wants to secure stable government in Britain

LONDON - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Friday it was his duty to play his part in securing strong and stable government in Britain after the general election.

Britain heads for hung Parliament in cliffhanger election

LONDON - Britain could be set for a change of government following a general election Thursday in which the Conservatives emerged as the biggest party, according to exit polls.

British electoral chief says challenges to UK vote likely after hundreds of voters turned away

Police called in to protests at UK voting stations

Exit polls: UK Conservatives win most seats fall short of a majority; Labour loses many seats

UK exit polls: Tories win most seats, not majority

Britain heads for hung Parliament

LONDON - Britain is set for a change of government as the opposition Conservatives emerged as the biggest party from Thursday’s general election, and the ruling Labour Party suffered major losses, according to exit polls.

Exit polls: Conservatives win most seats in UK election, but fall short of a majority

Polls: Conservatives fall short of majority in UK

British Elections 2010 Predictions

Voting under way in Britain

LONDON - Voting was under way in Britain Thursday to elect a new government with the leaders of the three main parties casting their ballot before noon.

With election looming, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown faces leadership challenge

2 former UK govt ministers challenge Gordon Brown

Amar Singh stuns by resigning party posts (Third Lead)

NEW DELHI - Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Amar Singh Wednesday threw the political establishment into a bout of fevered speculation when he announced his surprise resignation as general secretary of his party and other posts, citing health reasons.

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