Kenya’s president: Key leaders say south Sudan independence referendum will be held in January

Kenya’s Kibaki expects south Sudan vote in January

New Del. Senate front-runner campaigned for Reagan, then became a Democrat after Africa trip

O’Connell foe’s career marked by political shift

International Criminal Court to start prosecutions in Kenya’s postelection violence

Int’l court to launch cases in Kenya violence

Somali prime minister says forces to open 2nd front against Islamist insurgents by year-end

PM: Somalia to open 2nd front against insurgents

Poor Somali families caught in crossfire face brutal choice: Who can they afford to save?

Somali refugees tell of hellish scene in Mogadishu

UN: Somalis scramble to escape fighting in capital that has killed 230 in 2 weeks

Somalis scramble to escape fighting in capital

AU peacekeepers have established 9 more bases in war-ravaged Somali capital in recent months

AU peacekeepers establish more bases in Somalia

Kenya allows International Criminal Court to open office in Nairobi days after al-Bashir visit

Kenya allows Int’l Criminal Court to open office

Official: Southern Sudan parliament may vote to secede if January independence vote is delayed

Official: South Sudan lawmakers may vote to secede

4 Ugandan troops killed as militant mortar slams into Somalia’s presidential palace

Mortar hits Somalia pres. palace, kills 4 Ugandans

Kenya defends failure to arrest genocide-charged Sudanese president; cites national interest

Kenya: Sudan presidential visit ‘in our interest’

Kenya gets new US-style constitution; indicted Sudanese president among guests in attendance

Protesters rally outside the White House

Indicted Sudanese president among guests in attendance as Kenya gets new US-style constitution

Sudan leader attends Kenya constitution ceremony

New Kenyan constitution becomes law, ushering in new system of government

Kenya gets new American-style constitution

Kenyan government says allegations in case of Obama’s aunt untrue, denies she was in danger

The White House

Insurgency creeping into Somalia’s once stable northern region of Puntland

Somalia’s once stable Puntland hit by insurgency

Judge in Boston cited media leak in ruling granting asylum to Obama’s African aunt

President Barack Obama, daughter Sasha Obama and wife

Somalia minister says regional government soldiers kill 15 militiamen in northeastern region

Somalia: Soldiers kill 15 militia members

MOGADISHU, Somalia — Security forces on Sunday attacked the base of a militia linked to an extremist group and killed 15 militiamen, a regional government minister said.

Kenya votes big for new constitution as ‘No’ team concedes defeat; no violence reported

New constitution for Kenya as ‘No’ team concedes

New Kenyan constitution likely to pass, preliminary results show; new era for African country

Early results: New constitution for Kenya likely

Long lines in Kenya for vote on new constitution; police on high alert after 2007-08 killings

Kenya sees big turnout in vote on new constitution

Kenyans begin voting on new constitution as police seek to avoid repeat of 2007-08 killings

Kenya votes on new constitution amid high security

More troops for Somalia ignores lessons of ‘Black Hawk Down,’ is not a solution, experts say

More troops in Somalia not a solution, experts say

Kenyan leaders appeal for peace ahead of vote in hopes of avoiding repeat of 2007-08 killings

Kenyan leaders appeal for peace ahead of vote

Kenya, bracing for nationwide vote, sends 18,000 police to potential hotspot ahead of ballot

Kenya sends 18K police to hotspot ahead of vote

Kenyans likely to vote for new constitution on Aug. 4, polls show; likelihood of violence low

Poll results: Kenyans to pass new constitution

3 Congress members: US funding ‘yes’ campaign on Kenya’s referendum; abortion at issue

3 Congress members accuse US of funding Kenya vote

Kenya’s August vote on new constitution may spark violence between groups, experts warn

Vote on Kenyan constitution may spark violence

Kenya Foreign Minister: Militants from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan joining Somali militants

Kenya: Iraq, Afghan, Pakistan fighters in Somalia

East Africa to become borderless region; tourists, workers would need 1 visa for 5 countries

Kenya promotes 1 visa for 5 East African countries

Doctor: Kenyan prime minister recovering well after procedure to drain fluids from head

Kenyan PM recovering after brain procedure

Doctor: Kenyan prime minister has fluids drained from head after pressure build up, now stable

Kenyan prime minister has fluids drained from head

US lawyer jailed in Rwanda, now free, says US Embassy refused to help him get food, medicine

US lawyer jailed in Rwanda: US Embassy didn’t help

Former Somali colonel living in Ohio denies torture claim brought by human rights lawyer

Ohio immigrant denies torture claim from Somalia

In pro-Obama crowd, Biden highlights ties to president, pushes Kenya toward new constitution

Barack Obama (Waxwork)

On visit by Vice President Biden, Kenya asks US to lead greater int’l effort in Somalia

The White House
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Official: Somali militiamen wound 5 people in attack on Kenyan village

Somali militia wound 5 in attack on Kenyan village

Planned deployment of German ex-soldiers to Somalia draws criticism, probe at home

German ex-soldiers to work in Somalia

BERLIN — A private security firm’s plan to deploy more than 100 German ex-soldiers to Somalia to work for a warlord has triggered intense media coverage and was harshly criticized by lawmakers on Tuesday, some of them calling it a possible violation of U.N. sanctions against the war-ridden East African country.

VP Biden, wife, to travel next month to Egypt, Kenya and South Africa, attend World Cup

Bidens to travel to Egypt, Kenya, South Africa

Burundi expels Human Rights Watch worker in crackdown on criticism ahead of elections

Burundi, Rwanda expel Human Rights Watch workers

Rwanda, Burundi expel Human Rights Watch workers in crackdown on criticism ahead of elections

Rwanda, Burundi expel Human Rights Watch workers

Diplomats pledge support to Somali president as PM says dissolution of Cabinet ‘illegal’

Diplomats support embattled Somali president

ICC prosecutor listens to those who witnessed Kenya’s post poll violence in visit to slum

ICC prosecutor visits violent Kenyan slum

NAIROBI, Kenya — The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court met Monday with members of a self-help group in a Nairobi slum that saw some of the most brutal acts committed during Kenya’s 2007-2008 postelection violence.

AP Interview: Critics say UN envoy to Somalia should resign as extremists solidify hold

Critics say UN envoy to Somalia should resign

International Criminal Court prosecutor: Investigations of Kenya violence to be an example

ICC prosecutor wants to use Kenya as an example

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